The Boy Club?

I found some laminated Thomas fabric going cheap (ish) last month, so I set to and started making lunch bags for the children.  I made two, the fabric cut in a square.  The first was JUST too small to comfortably hold the lunch box, and the second, ridiculously large.  It was then I decided I had to make a rectangle, even though for a larger bag, I would always do a square.  I hate measuring, I really do.  And it took me ages to make the first two bags, because as the lining was also laminated (like oilcloth), it was fiddly to turn it inside out at the end.  But wow, my non-stick teflon foot is a life/sanity saver!  And oh dear…I used up all the Thomas material 😦  So it was off to the fabric shop to get more.  Of course they had none.  So I told H that it would be just normal cloth on the outside and laminated inside.  She had a mini sulk and then got over it.  I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, although they cost a bit to make because of the whole character issue.  The children love them though, although the teacher was surprised that H had a “boys character”…pshhht…All H talks about is squeaky coupling rods..And who decided trains had to be exclusively for boys?!? 

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2 thoughts on “The Boy Club?

  1. i’m not surprised the teacher was surprised, but slightly disappointed that she said something. why must everything always be so gender divided? i think girls should be able to like thomas or whatever character they choose! especially when they are such cute bags!

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