Off to the park to feed the cat..?!?

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“Pizza Friday” has been replaced with “Funday”.  H finishes kindergarten at 2p.m. (as opposed to 2:30), so it’s just a bit of extra time that we can do something fun, just the three of us and then not be in such a rush for dinner and bedtime, as it’s not a “school night”.

Last week was the first one.  I picked H up from school, loaded with a bag of cheap bread (it was 88 yen and crumbled when you picked it up) and headed off for the park to feed the ducks.  Funday is supposed to be a surprise, so I have to make it something fun, but you can’t go wrong with fresh air, some animals and the chance of a slide on the way back to the car.  So H and L seemed really happy when we pulled into the park.  Walking along the path, we met a cat.  Now I’m not a cat person, but this one was gorgeous.  Black all over except for some white socks.  So that was his nickname, Socks.  Unlike other cats (who usually hate me), he ran straight over to us, mewing and jumping up at us.  H was excited and L was smiling, but he kept his hands firmly in his pockets.  This was a good idea, because I got a few scratches on my legs through my jeans from this over-amorous mog.

We finally got to the lake to find it completely DRAINED of water, with danger tape plastered all around it, and of course, not a duck in sight.  The children were a bit disappointed, but Socks made up for it.  “Let’s feed the cat, Mummy!”  So after a quick check on the net that bread does not KILL cats, we gave it a bit.  He was not keen, but then maybe he has gourmet I said, it was pretty crappy bread.  But he ate a bit and that eased my conscience that he was not a starving stray.  He had the longest whiskers, a very good looking coat and looked well fed.  I toyed with the idea of taking him home, to the point where I messaged Y at work to ask him if we could keep him…

I’m really glad I decided not to.  I know little about cats, but having one that we found as a stray, not knowing his age, medical history, etc. seems a little thoughtless.  If he had looked malnourished and/or hurt, that would have been a different story, but he was a charmer.  I’m sure he makes a good living there.  Just as we were leaving, another mother and her son had fallen prey to his hustling skills.  So funday was a big hit, thanks to Socks.  Follow that with  a whiz down the biggest slide ever, all three of us together in winds so strong I seriously worried about our safety (H went on her own first and burst into tears when she whizzed down and plopped on her bum), a trip to Mr. Donut where I let the children have chocolate and cream (very very rare…), and it’s bound to be successful.  And both of them crashed out in super fast time later that night.  When I ask H what she wants to do these days, she replies, “Can we go to the park to feed the cat?”…makes a change from the ducks, I suppose!


2 thoughts on “Off to the park to feed the cat..?!?

  1. Sorry that the ducks were no more.I do miss feeding the ducks .We live near the sea ,so only have great eagle type flappy birds that want to carry off our dog once in a while!But back in the Uk and we have daily trips to feed the ducks along the canal.DO hope your ducks come back along with the water!

    The cat looks gorgeous and bet he has many homes where he gets food and attention by the look of him!

    And Mr Donut; our 2 had the bear treat the other day as well.Very clever marketing as who can resist?!

  2. Oh I think I would trade you for an ocean view, but not sure about the birds wanting to carry off your dog…please tell me your dog is small..? We have another few parks nearby with ducks, so I’m sure we can find another, but my daughter worries about the cat still! I think the doughnuts are very cute, but I just wish they’d made them much smaller. I shudder to think of the amount of sugar they hold!

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