Yum Yum Yum…in my Tum!

I was searching for an African Peanut Stew recipe and stumbled across a new blog full of deliciousness.  Not only does this “cooking Dutch girl” have some amazing recipes to share, her blog is perfect for me.  Lots of lovely photos, step by step instructions using storyboards, and very easy (for an undomestic goddess like myself) to understand.

So I wanted to share the site with you, and if you’re not hungry now…you soon will be.



2 thoughts on “Yum Yum Yum…in my Tum!

  1. She has a lot of really yummy recipes, right! I have tried quite a lot of her recipes and they are always delicious. Although I find a lot of her sweets are a little bit too sweet sometimes.

    • Hi Nay, thanks for the comment! Yes, she does! I’m not a great follower of online recipes, preferring to browse through books, but her page caught my eye and I may make some of her other stuff. I’m TERRIBLE at baking, so hopefully the sweet sweets won’t be a problem ;D

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