Could this be a breakthrough?

When H first started nursery, she used to take the bus.  It was fun for her because it’s shaped like a dog, and it’s a bus.  Yes, she conveniently forgot all that time before I learned to drive and taking the bus is now a novelty for both children.  It cost 3000 yen extra a month, but L was still very little, and I thought it would be easier for all of us.  In actual fact, we had to be outside our apartment and waiting for the bus ten minutes before it was due (just in case it was early).  This was a bit of a pain, because L was pre-walking, and if it rained/was windy/too cold/too hot, we would have to just hang around.  Bit silly when the nursery was a five minute drive, so time-wise, we didn’t really save anything.  Plus H often decided one minute before the bus was due that she desperately needed a poo…

So I was more than happy when H suddenly decided she didn’t like the dog bus anymore and that I would be taking her.   This opened up a new world to me.  I didn’t realise that I was kind of missing out on the social front.  All the mothers (and some fathers) dropping off their children and chatting in the car park, seeing the other children and recognising their parents, etc.  Now they have cordoned off a section of the car park for the children to play after nursery.  I’m pretty sure they were fed up of mothers chattering and taking up parking spaces, not to mention children running in among the moving cars, so there is a special section where you should park if you will be staying behind to chatter too. 

Well, I should get to my point.  I have been oversleeping quite a bit lately, so we end up arriving at the nursery closer to the 9 than the 8:30 these days.  H’s friend Ranko, who adores H to the point that if she is absent, Ranko will cry, arrives around that time too.  So I have been chatting to her mum while they walk hand in hand to the nursery, well, as much as I can chat with my limited language skills…And today, she asked me if I wanted to join her and another mother for lunch at her place.  This is really nice, but also fills me with dread at the same time.  I am a big worrier…what will we talk about?  how long is it going to be?  what are we going to eat?  Ugh I hate myself sometimes.  But I have learned the hard way living here that if someone extends an invitation to you, you should take it, because it’s unlikely you will be asked again.  And it’s nice that it will be with only two of the mothers, as opposed to the group lunches that the PTA organise with all parents from the class.  So I will go and try to make friends.  Luka and I both 😉  And the ironic part?  They both have lived in America and speak English but always speak Japanese to me.  Should be a fun lunch XD


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