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It’s cold.  And not really cold like back in the U.K., or up north, but still, it’s cold.  Everywhere seems to have snow right now.  Everywhere except the big cities, and us.  This makes me a bit sad.  Because being cold is rubbish, and at least if there is snow then we are cold and have pretty things to be excited about and for the children to miss school and have a day in the warm for.  But no.  First thing in the morning the temperature is around 1 degree (I have a display in the car), and then later on it can get as high as 14.  How is that normal?!?!  This yo-yo weather is just annoying.  Make up your mind will you, cold or hot?  I’m not a fan of extreme weather, but if I have to endure one of them, I’d have to say that the cold is my favourite.  I love being all warm and cosy inside with a blanket and a hot drink sitting by a warm fire.  I love bundling up in bed with all the covers on and sleep much better in the colder months.  And I love the mystery of winter, intensified when there is snow all around to muffle everything.  But alas, no snow.  Last year we had lots of the stuff, even in April!  Maybe this year we will have none?  On the way home from work on Sunday I saw some flakes falling, but it lasted all of five minutes and then it stopped as suddenly as it started.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a whole winter full of snow, but just some would be nice.

So along with the yo-yo weather, my life seems a bit all over the place right now.  I can’t seem to get back into a routine after the long winter break and as a result, the house is falling behind.  I’m managing to at least hoover downstairs every one or two days, and general cleaning, like the kitchen sink and the loos, and of course the laundry has to be done daily,but aside from that, there’s nothing regular.  I think I’m the do next to nothing and then blitz the place type of a person.  I just wish it didn’t bother me so much.  But I AM getting more organised, so eventually that’s going to help with the cleaning.  After many tantrums and tears (myself included, after I realised that my husband knows nothing about our children when he says, “they never play with that” for something they take out every day), I decided to change the toy organisation in the playroom.  The problem was that the stacking boxes were just too heavy for the children to handle, and the space was just being used on a floor level.  I had a brainwave to use those closet drawers that they sell here.  Now usually I hate those things, but if they are stacked properly and all match, they aren’t so bad.  I still would not want to use them for my clothes again, although my husband still holds onto his for dear life.

We did a final toy cull, resulting in a small amount of rubbishy toys getting chucked (we just did it a little while ago, remember?), and then sorted everything into more categories.  I’m hoping to put pictures on the drawers so it’s easier for the children to remember where everything goes..hmm…that was my plan with the boxes too.  I really must try harder to bring my plans into fruition.  Well when we went to buy the drawers, our credit card got refused.  That’s weird, I thought, because the limit is one million yen, and aside from half of that paying for our flight, I knew we hadn’t spent up to that.  When we got home, Y rang to check and it turns out that the travel agent ended up making a double transaction by mistake.  I called the travel agency to make sure they weren’t going to take out the money, and they said that they won’t, but I am really pissed off with them.  There was no apology, and the issue isn’t just the money not being taken out, but the fact that I am unable to meet other payments and can’t use my credit card for the rest of the month.  My husband uses it to buy petrol/for emergencies, etc.  We are not a multi-credit card family.  Although both of us have another one each, I don’t usually use it because it gets withdrawn from another account that I rarely use.  They seem to think there is no harm done if the money doesn’t get taken out, but I have already been turned down at the DIY shop (drawers), and my online order has been delayed because of them, plus if I’m stuck without money, what if it WAS my only credit card?  They are VERY annoying.  Oh, and it’s Ebookers in case you were wondering.  I went with them because their prices were competitive, but I doubt I’ll use them again after their crappy customer service.  So that’s a real pain in the arse.

And the final yo-yo moment of the week is my weight.  I am STILL hanging onto stubborn kilos despite working out at least four times a week and have actually gained weight over the holidays too.  I really need to focus on reducing calorie intake now and have gone back to a workout routine that I used 15 years ago.  I’m half a kilo down this week, so hopefully it will work.  The ironic thing is that I’m happy with my weight, whatever number it shows as long as it’s healthy.  What I’m not happy with is the baby belly.  Seriously, I am slim in most other places, but my stomach just pokes out like I’m four months gone.  I’ve had enough of it!!

Now H’s back at kindergarten, L’s start date in April is looming ever closer.  So I’m trying to spend some quality time together, just the two of us, before he’s gone for the day.  We went to the park yesterday and fed the ducks for what I believe was his first time (cue guilty Mummy moment).  The ducks were a little scary when they started coming out of the water at us.  And we literally got wet from the splashing whenever a piece of bread went in the lake.  But L had lots of fun, and napped later for two hours!  It was a lot of fresh air, and as I said earlier…COLD!  I’m praying for snow this weekend 😉


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