Happy New Year

It’s the first of the first 2011…already.  I think my brain is still back in 2008.  I could be hopeful and say that this year I will be updating my blog on a daily basis.  Then again, I could be pessimistic and say that there is no chance that will happen.  Or I could be hopefully realistic and say that I will blog at least once a week, and then I am covered for most eventualities.

So anyway, Happy New Year!  I stumbled off to bed at 11p.m. last night, not through the fault of alcohol, although I did have a very yummy calorie-laden Bailey’s coffee topped with whipped cream and choco chips, but because I could no longer keep my eyes open.  So I was well on the way to the land of nod before the clock chimed in the new year.

Y woke up early and headed out to the community “Hatsumode” (visit to a shrine to make his new year wishes/prayers) and then off to a meeting to discuss the new roles of the year.  Fortunately we were not chosen for any roles this year, meaning I have probably another year to get my Japanese level at least a little higher to cope with a neighbourhood role if we are unlucky enough to get one next year.

We headed out to the park, as the day before, ugh..nightmare day, glad it stayed in the old year, we hadn’t left the house.  We went to our new favourite park which has a big patch of grass in the middle, a kind of circuit around the outside, and two small playgrounds.  Apart from another father and his two children, we were the only ones there, so the children took advantage of the free swings.  We were there for about an hour then decided to go for pasta.  Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed, so we went to a steakhouse instead.  I discovered last week that their childrens menu is AMAZING.  A burger and rice for just 290 yen.  A plate of sausages – 90 yen, chicken pieces – 90 yen, and both with free unlimited access to the drink bar.  So we can eat there all four of us for about 2300 yen.

Then we went to the electronics store to look at computers.  We’ve had ours for about four and a half years, and the hard disc and c.d. drive is starting to play up.  I had my fancies for a laptop so I could sit and chill out on the sofa while playing games/chatting to my family on messenger, etc.  but a desktop is always better as a main computer it seems, in terms of value for money and capabilites, I mean.  Plus I’m not really wanting to use a p.c. outside the house, so for us, the desktop does seem to make the most sense.

We hadn’t planned on actually buying one, but as usual when we go to look for something we are thinking of buying, we did.  Even more surprisingly is that we bought this.  This is funny because I had a Vaio laptop in the past and Y went on about it being rubbish (although it wasn’t), and about Sony in general having such a short shelf-life.  But we got the display model, so it was reduced, then Y managed to get a further 5000 discount on it and we have a 5 year guarantee, so it’s a pretty good deal.  Plus it doesn’t have a tower, which is ALWAYS a plus in my book.  I hate all that clutter on the computer desk.  I pretty much went crazy at Y when he came home with speakers to clutter it up even more, although I was pre-menstrual at the time and did overreact somewhat…  But Y’s mind seems to only work for practicality and not for appearance.  This drives me mad, because clutter really does make a housewife’s job ten times harder…

My husband and children have just finished eating Osechi Ryori, which is a traditional first of the year dish filled with expensive mostly fishy food that not many people like to eat, but eat because it’s expensive and supposedly good for a years worth of health.  I feel sick at just the smell of it…Next year we plan to tell MIL that 10,000 yen on a meal that nobody really enjoys is something she can save on….

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