Shopping – I love you

Well I wasn’t alone on my birthday, but I definitely found some inner peace by letting everything wash over me.  We did some shopping, which didn’t phase me even when both children refused to stay with Y and came with me into the changing room…

I bought a basic long sleeved black jersey top.  This is my most necessary wardrobe staple.  I love my t-shirts, even in the winter, or three quarter length sleeved tops, so a black top underneath means I can still wear these things.  I bought one from Uniqlo last month, after my other was well past wearing.  But the Uniqlo one…hmm, it has like a criss cross on the neckline, which makes it look not only casual, but a little bit like thermals.  So not a good look when it peeps over necklines of more daring scoops.  So I was very glad to be able to walk out with a TOP in a MEDIUM…which is a feat indeed with a chest like mine.  I also picked up a stripey jersey top, also in a medium, but a little looser fit.  Supersoft jersey.  I wish I could buy that kind of knit in my local craft shop. And, best of all, a very cute cardigan that fits like a dream. These were supposedly birthday gifts for myself, but they are in the cupboard along with the other Christmas gifts, so I am holding back and excited to be able to actually wear them soon! 

Then last Sunday, after I’d taught my student, Y came with the children to meet me for lunch at a new bakery (second best croissants in Takasaki), and then decided on the spur of the moment to drive up to Tochigi outlet mall to get himself some new clothes.  I was a bit undecided at first, because it was already 2p.m., so I knew it would turn into a late trip with possible grizzly children.  But it was shopping.  And in Sano.  There is a NEXT there…and clothes.  Lots of clothes.

So we parked Y’s car in the 7/11 car park near the motorway junction, then set off.  L slept in the car, but H, even though she was tired out, did not.  This did not bode well…

So the reason why Y wants more clothes is because he’s going to meet his old university friends in Tokyo on 28th, and there is a saying here about our town’s fashion/ways, and “Oh, Tokyo people will laugh at you”, and probably because I’m always going on about the difference between Gunma (specifically Misato) and Tokyo fashion. 

1.  Women under 30 wear scrunchies here…and not just little ones.  BIG ones.  Sometimes crocheted ones…

2.  Lipstick is for special occasions.  Eyeshadow is for weddings (and only if you’re the bride).

3.  Men (my husband included) still wear Caterpillar boots.  Now I’m sorry, Y insists they are very cool, but I think they are naff.

I could go on forever, but I won’t.

My husband is a girly shopper.  He looks at several different options.  Then goes back to the first one.  The only difference is, sometimes he doesn’t even buy anything!  That really infuriates me.  So imagine my surprise when he walked into the second shop, tried on a jacket (first thing he’d tried on) and decided then and there that he would get it. 

First of all, this meant mission completed.  Secondly (and more importantly), it meant more shopping time for me…selfish? 

So now to add to the collection of the two tops, cardigan (ooh, and a pair of flary cords that I picked up the week before), I have a pair of skinny jeans (that are ACTUALLY skinny on my calves – this is rare, because I have a fat bum, big hips, medium thighs and skinny calves – I paint a pretty picture, huh?), and a cute ruffly skirt which I’m adamant is not too young for me…It’s almost like a compact wardrobe!  I really have to start being more ruthless with the other clothes I have and actually get rid of a lot of it.  I’m a bit fed up of going to my wardrobe/chest of drawers and being faced with a load of stuff I can’t (too big) or don’t want to wear.

I have the childrens main presents on order, and am hoping they arrive before Christmas.  I got them a Leapfrog reading system (for H) and the same but the junior version for L.  Then today I went to Toys R Us – ugh, I hate that place – to buy things for them with MILs cash.  I got bits and pieces, and Twister – I think they’re old enough for that now?  Or at least H is.  L will be the annoying younger brother who pushes us all over.  A collapsible tent which I thought would be fun as a little house but not something permanent to take up a load of room, and a hula hoop for H, although I’m sure L will be crazy jealous. 

The children bought presents last week.  H got Y the latest Black Eyed Peas C.D. and L got him the Breaking Dawn book.  Good choices for a 4 and 2 year old eh ;P ?  We wrapped them up this afternoon when I finally got around to picking up H half an hour late.  Damn these early end of term finishes…

Yesterday, my boss called me while I was teaching, although I only picked up his messages after classes were over.  He was looking after the children in his office because the daycare had told him someone had to pick them up because L had a fever.  When I got to his office, L was fine.  He just looked a bit tired, but there was no fever.  That made me a bit angry.  He probably had a “fever”, because he was wearing his own clothes AND the change of clothes that I’d put in his bag in case he got his others dirty/wet/pooey.  Honestly, the mind boggles.  But then tonight, he suddenly spiked a fever after bathtime, and has only just gone to sleep.  Y is out at a year end drinking thing.  I had half hoped that he would be home in time for me to go to the gym, but as it’s 10p.m. now and there’s no sign of him, it’s not looking very likely.  So looks as if I won’t get to the gym until next Monday.  Ho hum…never mind.  At least I FEEL well enough to go now.

And I’m VERY excited about Christmas being two days away!  In case there is no other posts before then, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Shopping – I love you

  1. haha Seriously? Scrunchies? NOOOO, the only time a scrunchie should be worn is when you are washing your face, or at home cleaning. They are so 1980’s, in a bad, bad way… they remind me of daft white trash who have no sense of anything, including style. I know that’s a stupid stereotype… shame on me for saying it, but they really remind me of that…

    I buy those black bands, and do a messy updo, or side bun… they are concealed… but OMG a Scrunchie? That’s like wearing black knickers with white pants.

    So jealous that you can wear an M lady size at Uniqlo, I think no matter how thin I am, I can never wear an M in Japan.. I got DD cup boobage. I always buy an LL or L, depends. I have a friend who has the perfect size c cup boobs.. and she wants a boob job to a dd… she does not believe how much of a pain in the arse they are….. I nearly get black eyes when I run… I’m a C/D usually.. so I have one more size I’d like to go down. At uniqlo…I wear the biggest size jeans they have, a whopping 31 inch waist… and their a tad snug…. my goal jeans are a 28/29 inch waist..which I have to lay down on the floor to get on, struggle for about 10 minutes… Japanese jeans make me feel fat! When I came here I wore an L, so I’m trying to get out of a Japanese LL… after Christmas of course.

    So glad you had a nice birthday.

    Happy Merry Christmas

  2. Yes, I never really liked scrunchies when they were “in”, but plain bands are better, I think. Of course I have no need for them these days with short hair! I miss my messy updos! Although I’m sure they really looked pretty messy, and not messy in a chic kind of way.

    I wear L from Uniqlo and in most Japanese clothes, and sometimes LL. The M top was from GAP, and I have Uniqlo mens jeans that are a 33 inch waist. My waist is about a 31, but my hips are too wide in proportion, so the 33 are perfect. I hear you on the boobs front (excuse the pun…). I’m a 30G, so bras here are impossible. I do have good bras though, although when I’m running on the treadmill, I’d love to do it while holding my boobs, ha ha ha! And while I’m at it, I could do with someone holding my wobbly bum too XD

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