Oh Noro…next time wait until my period is over please..better yet, don’t come again at all.

So I didn’t get any formal diagnosis, but it seems that “Norovirus” is the new gastroenteritis, so therefore, I am diagnosing myself with it.  Yesterday was my work day at the kindergarten.  Y had said he would ask for a half day off work in the afternoon to come home and look after L, who was still not in tip top condition.  Y left his phone here, which was a bit of a pain, because as far as I was concerned, it was undecided whether he would take the time off or not.  I mailed his work address to tell him that L seemed ok, and that they could probably attend the temporary daycare after all.  He called a while later and said that he had already asked for the afternoon off, and I said anyway that would be better for the kids if his job could cope with it. 

I went to pick H up from kindergarten at 1:15, then brought her home, where Y had just arrived.  Her teacher said that she had felt sick and run to the loo twice, but hadn’t done anything.  As soon as H got into the genkan (entrance), she threw up all over the floor.  Ohhhhh, my suede boots X(  But of course, poor H 😦  I started feeling a bit sick then, but I thought it was just seeing sick..I’m terrible with puke.

I left Y to clean it all up (that’s his preferred role), then sorted H out and started to get ready for work.  I’m so thankful that Y had come home, or otherwise H would have probably thrown up in the car on the way to the daycare.  It doesn’t bear thinking about.

So I made my way to work, feeling fine.  I taught the first lesson, lots of fun.  Then in the second lesson, my head started to hurt a bit.  I have the period from hell.  So much so that I am planning to go to the ob/gyn to make sure I don’t have anything wrong as soon as it’s done this month.  So I thought little of it.  Just period headaches, I thought.  Then during my last primary schoolers lesson, my stomach started to gurgle and the nausea kicked in.  I snapped more than a couple of times to the students, but I desperately did not want to throw up, or worse still, have anything come out of the other end…oh the shame…So I focused and went through the motions, although to be honest, I don’t really think they learned much this week.

As soon as the lesson was over, and I had rushed to the loo, but been totally ok, I went for the car.  I had to stop off at Seven Eleven to get some tampons (which my husband was too embarassed to buy for me the previous day), and that nearly killed me too.  I contemplated sticking my fingers down my throat in the shop toilet, thinking better out than in, but then thought that wasn’t really a very polite thing to do.  So I got back in my car, put the paper bag from the tampons (bag of shame) inside the plastic bag and sat it on my lap for the journey.  It took 650 minutes to get home.  Ok, more like 20 minutes, but you see my point.

I got home, ran for the loo, and was violently sick.  H was lying in the living room, mixin-sick bowl at her side looking peaky, L was his usual happy self.  I packed myself up to bed, although sleep was not what I got for the following five hours or so.  I got chills, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, all of the lovelies that Noro brings.  I immediately felt terribly sorry for both L and H, because it’s such a horrible illness, and I never realise how much they are in pain until I get the same thing.

So it’s been 21 hours since the onset, and I’m feeling much better, but still very weak and dehydrated.  I’ve not taken anything for my period cramps because I’m not sure that would help the Noro.  Y has been erm, not very helpful…he claimed to be tired and a “bit fluey”, he washed the laundry, then left it in the washer, then put it all to dry in the drier (even shrinkables), so I had to sort that out, had a few cross words, then tears and now I’m attempting a little normalcy to try and kick this Noro once and for all. 

Apparently it lasts for two -three days, so I’m not supposed to prepare food until after that period.  Erm yeah, I’ve already made L’s breakfast, snack and lunch.  How else will he eat?!?!  Let’s just hope it doesn’t start doing the rounds again…or worse still, that Y gets it…


2 thoughts on “Oh Noro…next time wait until my period is over please..better yet, don’t come again at all.

  1. Gosh… I think you just need to relax… take some time to yourself, I wouldn’t worry too much about the crimson wave… I’ve had a few bad periods, and I think that’s normal, mine is heavy sometimes, and when it’s light, it makes up for it the next month.. TMI.. I know.. esp the clots… it could be that it was light last month.. you might be really stressed too, kids being sick, etc, that will stress anyone out, then you had to work not feeling well… (tampons).. I never wore tampons.. tried it once.. didn’t seem to fit.. hehe I was too scared to try again after that. 38cm pads do the job.. lol lot a bulk though.

    The tummy thing…I had this once in my life… maybe twice… but it was a mix of that and drinking too much (I was young) so I woke up with the shakes… possible alcohol side effects.. I panicked, which gave me a panic attack…(they gave me good drugs so I could relax).. yay…. I was maybe 20… and never had that much to drink ever again.. But then again..

    I am an avid hand washer…kids are around other kids, you might have gotten from them.

    Screw the laundry and dishes… if you can just pop yourself on the sofa, and relax, maybe watch some tv with the kids (as they fall asleep)… peligrino really helps me, it’s naturally carbonated water.. def keep yourself up on fluids. You’ll feel better in a day or two…

    How you managed to still work… gesh you’ll feel better in no time.

    • Hi! Ah, a rest and time to myself…sounds like heaven! Although in reality I would just get bored. Luckily, after helping me fold the laundry, H let me put her in bed at 2p.m. and a little while later, L settled down on his little sofa bed and put himself to sleep (this NEVER happens), then I had THREE uninterrupted hours. I couldn’t sleep, but I just lay there and read my book/watched a bit of Masterchef. It was just the ticket. Plus H and L woke up feeling much better too. My husband just came home, threw up and went to bed…not that I can expect much help out of him when he’s healthy anyway. I’m pretty sure we all picked it up from the paediatrician on Saturday when we went to get cold meds. There was a young boy there with sickness..typical..the things you pick up at the doctors. I’m always careful to wash my hands too, but with the children at daycare, it’s hard to police them too.

      With the periods thing. I had endemetriosis for about 9 years. I just want to get checked out because they seem much heavier and more life-interrupting than before. I suppose it could be down to the fact that I’ve had children, or just the time of my life, who knows. Periods basically suck, eh?!?!

      So the house is a bit of a tip today, but I’m listening to my body, and off to bed soon. Let’s hope the children settle down to sleep after their mammoth nap too!

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