Ooh, hooray!  I got tagged as a favourite blogger by jumping overboard!  Thanks! 

So now I have to

a.  let you know seven facts about myself

b.  tag seven other bloggers

First the facts:

1.  I don’t like sushi.  People often say, “oh eat some without the fish”, but I don’t mind the raw fish element.  I don’t like the seaweed, so people often say, “oh eat some without the seaweed”.  But I just don’t like the vinegary taste.  Basically, there is no kind of sushi that I will really enjoy.

2.  I have an irrational fear of those people who dress up in huge costumes.  You know Disneyland is like a park of horror to me…and once, the Pink Panther chased me around Tower Records in Shinjuku because he thought it was funny that I was whimpering.

3.  My eyes are brown, but they have a ring of grey around the edges.  Nobody ever says anything about my eyes, but I rather like them.

4.  My little finger is seriously bent, and so are my son’s and daughter’s.  I seem to pass on all of my flaws to them…sorry kids!

5.  I love shoes.  This sucks a bit because my feet are a U.K. 7-7.5 and really narrow(another thing I passed on to my offspring), which means it’s hard to find my size in Japan. 

6.  I used to be a fluent French and German speaker.  I now live in a country where I can hardly speak the language, but when I DO attempt to speak French or German, there is always a Japanese word that gets stuck in the sentence.  Very irritating…

7.  I’m not sure my stomach was ever designed to be flat, or even just little would be nice..

b. Ok here is tricky, because I rarely get time to read all of these blogs on a daily basis, but I try to read at least some of them a few times a week:

1.  MADE

2.  Jumping Overboard (I know you have already been tagged, but I had to list your blog anyway ;))

3.  Cherry Blossom Adventures

4.  Sewing in No mans land

5.  It’s a Sunny Day in Fuchu

6.  Tilly and the Buttons

7.  Wallabi’s Farm

I’m pretty sure that some of the above don’t read my blog, but there you go!  It’s nice to share these bloggers, and to see some of the other bloggers that people picked.  It’s increasing my reading list…yikes, better find some more time in the day!

Oh and if you DO read my blog and I don’t know about yours, please let me know!!!


2 thoughts on “Bloggers!

  1. Just stumbled by and glad I did(and any excuse to not clean the house and let the kids watch TV! ). Another Brit in Japan here,down in Kumamoto.Oh,and my DH has a serioulsy bent little finger,too.And passed it on to both girls.

  2. Hi Marianne! Thanks for reading. Us Brits seem to be in short supply here. It’s nice to know other people from English speaking countries, but there’s nothing like your own culture too. I will definitely be stopping by your blog too.

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