Homesick..and actual sick.

I DID it!  I booked flights to the U.K. for the children and I for next summer.  Seems rather early, eh?  But you know, I like to get things like that sorted early, so that I have lots of time to look forward to them, and also to ease my mind.  Airlines make me sick.  They really do.  If I check on the two main direct airlines (B.A. and Virgin), their prices are ridiculous.  Well, Virgin much more ridiculous than B.A., which quotes 950,000 yen just for MY ticket…erm, what?!?  I still don’t get why they do this, but they do, and it bugs me, because you have to get the timing just right, and not miss it, because if you do miss it, then come back a day or so later to pick it up, the prices have shot through the roof again. 

So after some searching around, and some help from my sister, I came across a few options. 

I always fly direct.  The one time I didn’t, was when I first came to Japan with KLM and I had a stopover in Amsterdam.  It wasn’t bad.  Not too long, just enough time for a coffee and then off again.  But travelling indirect with children scares me a bit.  The cheapest flight is Air China, which for the three of us is about 360,000 yen…but a change in Beijing, and the reviews for Air China are NOT good.  Then I found a fab website called  It’s really easy to navigate and find the best prices and the best dates.  I found a flight with SAS with one change in Copenhagen.  For many reasons, a change in Europe is much more preferable than a change in Asia.  The price was fairly good compared to what else is out there, and much more affordable than the direct ones.  But the layover on the way home was 6 hours…yikes…that’s a lot of time to fill before getting on a plane for another 11 hours.  Even if I were alone that would be a bit of a nightmare.  But then I found that if I took the flight to Birmingham instead of London, the layover times were an hour and a half one way, and two hours and a half the other.  Much more manageable.  Plus it’s much closer to my Mum’s home, so instead of landing and having to drive three hours home (as a passenger), we would only have about 30 mins-1 hour maximum to get home.  The cost is about 4 man more though…so I had to wrestle with the thought of paying that much to save 9 hours.  In the end, I decided that we were compromising with the indirect flight, so we may as well have a good one.  Can’t wait to go!  It’s been a year and a half so far since we were back last time, and this time we are off for…

THREE months!

I am not working full-time, the children are not in primary school yet, it just kind of seemed like the last chance for a long visit until the next one, by which time, H will probably be in school.

Oh, and L was sick last night, on his pillow, on my pillow, in the mixing bowl (that is no longer a mixing bowl and just referred to as the sick bowl), in the toilet, in the sick bowl again.  Today he hasn’t been sick, has eaten a bit, and seems much happier, but he also has a fever, so Y is having to take the afternoon off tomorrow to look after the children while I go to work.  I think he just ate too much.  Both of them have had HUGE appetites since getting antibiotics and other meds from the doctor for their colds.  I feel partly responsible, as ever, but he seems to be getting better, and fingers crossed it’s not Noro virus…ugh…


2 thoughts on “Homesick..and actual sick.

  1. Eeek on the pillow! I did the same as you..took off for three months of travel from may till august… before I got too busy… Take advantage of it now, that is great thinking. I was glad to do that, because I was getting tired of the short trips a few times a year, plus, when I go back home to NYC, it’s like a 16 hour plus flight… and four-five days is barely enough..

    I would not want to change in Asia either, and I’m not surprised about the service with Air China… they need to get their crap together. But it still amazes me how much the air fees increased… I only have 60 thousand miles left.. I might cash them in this time.. my husband misses London!

    • Hi! I know your pain. It’s a 12 hour direct flight to London, will be about 15 plus with the transfer this time. A week is DEFINITELY not enough. I usually go for a month, but last time, both children got ill, so we only REALLY had a fortnight to enjoy ourselves…plus the jetlag (I can never sleep on planes), so an extended period seemed a good idea with the costs in mind. I have my miles scattered across different airlines, but only totalling about 30,000 or so. I used 20,000 one year and my husband flew free. Nice saving!

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