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Arghhhhh, this week I will attempt at least two posts…I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since my last one.  Things have been pretty busy here, H had her end of year show last weekend.  I was on toilet duty again, which involved escorting children to the loo during certain sections of the performance, then cleaning the toilets afterwards.  I had to do this job last year, and I can only assume it’s because of my lacking language skills.  It wasn’t so bad though, and it broke the monotony of watching other peoples children dancing..I know I should say they are all cute, but I have never been one to fawn over other children.  So thinking this was my one and only task for the year, I was shocked to find a notice in H’s nursery bag this week telling me to come to the nursery on the morning of January 10th to help make mochi (rice cake), and that I should bring an apron and a headscarf…

Today we headed off for the doctors with the children, picked up some cold medicine, including antibiotics, although I’m not sure of the necessity of those.  I rarely go to that particular doctor, even though I like her and she speaks English and needs no appointment, because she tends to dole out antibiotics.  But from time to time I go if the children are continuously ill, because at least they can get some sleep from her meds…H and L had a lovely conversation with an old lady in the waiting room about when she had first seen a ladybird as a child (prompted by L’s ladybird buttons on his cardigan).  It was very sweet.

After the docs, we went off to the new shopping complex that’s half built in Maebashi called Power Mall.  At the moment, there’s a Cainz Home (D.I.Y. shop), Beisia supermarket, very yummy bakery, GAP and lots of other little things.  Next summer it will include Costco (big American food and other products warehouse), which I’m VERY excited about, but suspicious, because it’s only 8 months until summer and Costco is HUGE.  As yet, not only has no building been started, but the site is being used as a car park…

We bought some stuff at GAP, we were in there for what seemed like forever, but I picked up a nice pair of brown bootcut cords, Y got a T-shirt and H got some knickers.  Seems an odd combo, but we got 20% off if we purchased an item from each section.  At this point the children were getting crazy, because firstly they were just tired, and secondly I’d given them the first dose of medicine, so they were crazy tired.  One nappy change and toilet pit stop later, we found ourselves in the pet section of the D.I.Y. store, looked at the little hamsters and decided to buy two little golden hamsters.  I miss having a pet, even though it’s a bit of a pain to take care of, but I think it’s nice to have a little something, and good for the children too.  So instead of jumping in and buying a more long-term pet like a cat or a dog, I thought a hamster (or two) would be a good start.  I asked H what she wanted to call them.  “Mavis and Stuart”, she answered almost immediately.  I told her those were nice names, but that they were both girls.  She thought a little, then came up with an uninspiring, “Lily and Emily”.  Her invisible baby is called Lily, so I thought it a bit strange, but I’m all for children making their own decisions. 

So now we have two one month old baby golden hamsters, in the same cage for now, but possibly in a bigger one or two different ones when they grow.  They already stink, and Y is complaining about the noise from the running wheel, but H thinks they are wonderful.  L is not all that bothered, but then he is grumpy from the meds., so maybe tomorrow he will be a little more enthusiastic.  It’s been a long time since I handled a hamster, so I’m a bit nervous about picking them up.  I suppose that’ll have to change soon, because I’m going to be the one cleaning them out every few days, and they’re not going to jump out of the cage and into a little box for me by themselves.  It was a tiring, but pretty fun day.  It’s now 1:30 and I really need to get some sleep.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

Grr, photo uploader is not my friend will have to wait until tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “New additions

  1. Hey L! Nice to see a post update from you. You are going to laugh at this but … for me living in the second largest city in Japan… it wasn’t till NOW that they decided to put in an Ikea and Warehouse Shop (Costco)… I’m excited about Ikea… I don’t have to use a personal shopper to pick up our ikea things anymore.. or drive to Osaka.

    Beisia …. I shop there once a week, we have a Beisia/Cainz three of them, one is bigger than the other, and one of them has a mall type (supermarket strip)….but then I go to Jusco or Aeon for other things… but I like both… I buy these really cute paper napkins for my business… and DIY stuff, cleaning products, downy.. blah blah…

    Cainz really came in handy.. because we bought those two huge xmas trees.. and guess what.. UGH it didn’t fit the pot, so we were scouring and calling all the cainz in our area looking for HUGE pot, in the color I wanted.. but they didn’t have it, so I went with the terra cota …

    The Kahma, right next door to our house is really small.. I wonder how they can compete with Cainz? Having fur babies are such huge responsibilities… and such a commitment.. I really think the hamsters are fab idea… with dogs.. every time we travel, we need pet hotels, plus I have to pay for doggy day care during the week when I have clients… I really commend you for getting involved with the kids school.. what do they expect if you are working? I would have been a prude about it… but sometimes when it’s for the sake of your kids.. you grin and bare it… you are a better person than I am.

    OH.. I think I sent the links to you for the trees? Hope you are well my friend.

    • Hi! Wow, yeah, if there was an Ikea coming along with it (which there originally were plans for), then I would be a very happy woman. I like Costco, but…but Ikea, the fabric, the designs, even the cafe…just a good place to go out for the day, I love it! I know you had to drive a ways though. Our closest one is about 2 hours drive, which is still doable, although I hate the motorway charge.

      Your “pot” story pretty much sums up my life here. I get something in my mind and then I just can’t find it ANYWHERE! It’s usually something simple, like a turquoise cushion, or as you said, a plant pot in a colour/style that doesn’t look as if the nearest obaachan would have it in her genkan. It’s so annoying!

      The hamsters are stinky already, ha ha! I’m not sure why, but the commitment of a pet scares me more than marriage and children. Even the hamsters, I’m thinking, what have I let myself in for?!? Dogs are such good friends though, but in a way, they are a bigger responsibility than children, because they are so dependent on you for the small things like being fed and going for walks for so many years. At least children can start doing that stuff in their teens XD

      The kindergarten…the PTA is supposedly voluntary, but I don’t know anyone who isn’t involved. It’s a small school, just one class for each grade, and we all have roles. Most of the mothers don’t work (difference between youchien and hoikuen is pretty set it seems), so they don’t think about it. I work part-time, but I don’t tell them how much I work, so that I always have an out if I need one! I don’t really care what the other mothers think of me, but I would be upset if H got teased by the other children from their parents idle gossip…To be honest, that was one of the reasons we changed to the hoikuen for a little while, but the difference is huge. Hoikuen is run as a business, feed children, make children sleep for a few hours, feed children some more, etc. Youchien is more about learning and growing. I’m glad we went back, so I really do have to grin and bear it with the PTA stuff ;D

  2. Yay, I can see the photos now! Yippee.. you got your tree!!! OMG.. the tree.. I had two pots, both white (my fav color… and black), and both tree’s (same size) would not go in.. I mean.. we tried to pull the mud from the base, to loosen the dirt.. Sebastian was screaming and says the oddest things sometimes.. when he is perturbed.. there was dirt everywhere.. so I run to the house, get the other pot, go back to the condo and grab the other size pot (black) both still didn’t fit……. The highway fees… yes.. hate them, but I have one of those cards, and I think it charges 1000 yen… takes me about an hour (depending on how fast I go) to get to Ikea (Osaka) …. Costco is okay.. for some things, but IKEA.. yea, super. I just can’t understand why it has taken so long to come to our city.. we are the third largest… grumble…

    I’m either going to plant one of the xmas trees at the house, and leave one at the biz, or plant both.. not sure…this spring.. I hope I can keep it vibrant till then… I wasn’t going to get two, but they offered me a great deal.. and I thought… if I have two huge pots, and two large trees, plant them, then next year I can put lights on them outside the house… the problem is.. now I have to transport one to the house.. OMG.. HOW.. I might ask a friend who has a truck.. hehe

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