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It’s been almost a week since my last post, and I have nothing to confess XD (sorry, couldn’t resist).  Ok, actually I do.  I am still crazy about sewing things, and am including some pictures to slowly ease me back into my blogging state of mind. 

I made a couple of pairs of flannel trousers for the children.  For both of them I managed to get the pockets too low, which really sucks, because I’d lined them with fleece for them to be of actual use.  Ah well, they have to be B-Boy style now. 

I bought some insanely soft fleece to do SOMETHING with, and started off with a jumper for L, which worked out well in theory, but the collar needs neatening up, and it doesn’t have much stretch, so I really should have made it bigger, or with neck buttons.  It IS soft though.  Then I made one for H, putting some rib knit on as a collar and making it just that bit roomier.  I made hers in a creamy colour, and she looks adorable in it!  Then I made a scarf for L using H’s shop-bought scarf as an aid.  It was soooo very simple to make, and has a little tuck in the bottom to thread the scarf through.  I put a “Henry” patch on the bottom and he only takes it off to sleep or when he just can’t stand the sweating any longer.  The ironic thing is, that the patch cost me 630 yen, which is more than 1.5×1 metres of the fabric cost…

And my favourite item of the moment is one that I made for me.  A new bag.  After all of the bags I’ve made, I think I’ve found the right combination for a stylish, yet practical big bag.  I added an internal zip pocket, and it has a zip top.  I modified it like three times.  First of all I placed the handles too far apart so it sagged in the middle. 

Next, I decided that the side pieces were too sticky-outy for my liking.  I didn’t use interfacing as the exterior fabric was quite thick, but if I’d wanted a shape like that (see first pic. for the original, then next two pics after I’d taken the sides in), I really should have.  As it turns out, I wasn’t so keen on it anyway, so I sewed it up.  The result is a great bag with plenty of room for Mummy swag as well as girly swag, that I use all the time!

So apart from creating things, I’ve not really been doing all that much.  Today’s work saw R and K’s last lesson, and oh how glad I am.  They really didn’t care for learning, even though they were actually good at it.  I have to believe that nothing I could have done would have been beneficial to keeping them on, so it really is best that they quit.  Even my boss said, “c’est la vie” to me (he’s great).  Apart from their lesson, I really enjoyed my classes today.  It’s not really the teaching that I don’t like, but everything that goes along with it, re. daycare, preparation for daycare, rush-hour traffic, preparing dinner, etc.  I love teaching children like that (apart from the two..).  And I know how lucky I am to get such a great group of children to teach.  I am ashamed to say it, but only today I found out that only one of my class of six could sightread.  So I am going to go hardcore on the reading from next lesson.  As long as I make it really fun, I think they’ll pick it up, and at 8 years old, I’m quite surprised that they didn’t know already, but it’ll be a good challenge for me, and I can use some of the material I make to help H and L too.

L is still not sleeping well.  He will only nap in the car, so I usually go for a drive about an hour before H’s pick up time, wait for him to drop off, then park at the shop and read my book with a coffee.  It’s a good rest for him, and I really appreciate the time for myself.  But in terms of his night sleep, I think it’s starting to affect it.  He still is like a limpet with me and he goes to sleep with his arms around my neck and sobs at the very thought of sleeping in his own bed.  I know if I really want him to go back to his own bed, that I should stand strong.  I know that it would take time but that it would work.  I think I quite like our night time together in a way.  I like that I can soothe him and it’s so much easier to just give in.  So as long as it’s not getting madly annoying, it’s probably not going to stop anytime soon.  I’m sure once he starts nursery in spring he’ll be worn out enough to sleep really quickly like tonight, when he was asleep before I’d even finished reading the bedtime stories.

Y is working a lot these days.  It may sound mean, but I’m enjoying the alone time too, although if he gets home early enough, I’m off to the gym every chance I get.  At the advice of an old school friend, who’s a fireman with what must be an eight pack, I started doing interval training.  Jog for a minute, run for a minute, jog for a minute, etc.  It seems to suit me.  I can cope with short bursts.  I’m just not very good at the endurance.  I hate cardio, but I really love this way of training.  As yet, I’ve just noticed that my legs HURT, but in a good way.  Let’s hope it sticks.  I am up to 63 kilos again.  I cannot stop eating.  I mean somebody seriously needs to put a lock on my mouth.  I blame the cold weather and hormones, but I know that it’s just lack of self-control.  Sometimes I’m not even hungry, what the hell is that all about?!

So that’s pretty much it for the boring details of my life.  Maybe soon I’ll post about what’s been going on in my head.  What a treat to look forward to, eh…;)


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. I wish I could sew 🙂 Those are great. Pity the pockets are too low. They don’t look it in the pics. We are having big sleep issues here too at the moment and sometimes I wonder if perhaps I should just flag the separate rooms, buy one huge futon, and all sleep together. OK, so perhaps I’d tell hub to sleep downstairs ;p It’s hard to find a good balance when my kids are so close in age and still not at an age where “OK, time for bed, goodnight” works with any of them. Sigh.
    Good luck at your end!

    • Thanks! They are still good trousers, so I’ll not lose too much sleep over the pockets 😉 Ugh, I know what you mean about the huge futon. I wish we still had futons, even though I don’t really like them unless the flooring is tatami. We have a king-sized bed, but it’s more like half a single for me when L is in there thrashing about like he was yesterday. I am seriously considering sticking it out with his own bed after a terrible night’s sleep… The annoying thing is that they both USED to go to sleep with a couple of stories, and an “OK, time for bed, goodnight”. H still will, but L, ever since he got sick the once and I slept in his room with him, it just has never really gone back to that. Of course a lot of it my fault, but just one of those things.

      Good luck for you too!

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