Gone with the wind

Well it seems that I am losing my blogging battle.  Every day turned into every two days, which has now seemingly become once a week.  It’s one of those things, I suppose.  Our health is fairly decent.  The children have a slight cold, so H took a day off on Monday.  That’s a day of jobs falling by the wayside.  Today was a national holiday.  I spent the morning catching up on washing, and then the afternoon searching for the non-existent pair of white 100cm tights for H’s kindergarten play.  I yelled at my husband, got angry and generally blamed all those around me for the stupidity of the kindergarten.  Apparently it’s a staple.  I should be buying white tights in October, as soon as they come into stores for the season.  It’s a bit like whole chickens at the supermarket.  So tomorrow, H has to go to nursery with a pair of tights that are three inches too long with the heel on the back of her ankle.  I asked her,

“do you think you can bear wearing these big tights just for your play?”

“Yes,” she smiled without hesitation. 

It seems I had put too much emphasis on something yet again. 

Tonight, with a sleeping L on the sofa, my husband reading manga and the whirr of the dishwasher in the background, I am feeling strangely calm and very sleepy.  I started my new training programme at the gym yesterday, and my legs and bum are REALLY feeling it today.  I’m hoping Y will get home from work early tomorrow and let me get on with it.  He’s been really busy recently with deadlines and the like.  We were planning on going out to see a film on my birthday, but it turns out that Eclipse is already showing at the pictures until the end of November, so that’s going to get pushed forward (although I’m only half way through the book, so have to get a move on with that), and we’ll go out to an izakaya (bar/restaurant) on my birthday instead.  There are a few lovely little independent places in Takasaki.  Y suggested going to a small nomiya in our town that we would be able to walk home from, but I love the atmosphere in Takasaki, and my birthday is on a Saturday, so going out somewhere nice will be so much better.  Even if it means having to pay for a cab.  Maybe we can just go out really early and then get a bus home…more economical, but more work for MIL having to actually put the children to bed.  Well, we’ll see anyway. 

It’s almost midnight, so I’d better get to bed and finish reading!

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3 thoughts on “Gone with the wind

  1. I think if it wasn’t for having laptops, wireless connection, and a service (just in case I can’t find a wireless connection outside of the office/home) I have a wireless connection service… if it wasn’t for all of that, and a doggie nanny (I don’t trust them in the new place yet… mrs. thang chewed on the banister and had to PAY to have it fixed)…. I have to send them to doggie day care when I have clients….. in between not being able to leave the pup home alone and she’s still at the playful, curious stage…

    I feel you on the posting, keeping up front…. if I didn’t have those things mentioned above in play…nott’n would get done. I would not be able to write, have time for pastry class, and my other hobbies… But you know, we have hob nobs to save the day. hehe

    Happy Birthday!!!! To you Mrs!!!

    The holidays start for us this week.. it will be a whirlwind of playing catch up with friends, baking and… drinking plenty bottles of wine.. p.s. on your other post (humble apologies for being late commenting), it has nothing to do with you… at all, there will be conflicts of time, and odd students (trust me, I have some odd clients).. and have had my share of weird, pain in the arse brat kids who I taught before and were so glad they finally quit during my kinder teaching days… those little ….. shits would stir up the whole class…

    Trust me, it’s them, not you!!!

  2. Hey! I have to say, my blog reading has also suffered. I try to keep up while I’m out and about on my phone, but without wifi, the speed is just unbearably slooooow. I suppose we all have these times, times when it all seems to come at once. Although I prefer to be busy, I think. Even if at the time it doesn’t seem like it! I think I would go stir-crazy with nothing to do. I’ll definitely drop by your blog this week, I bet I have loads to catch up on!

    And thanks, I think those children are best off discontinuing their studies too 😉 My birthday isn’t until next month, but for some reason, my husband is all organised about it! Got me a cute down coat and I’m looking forward to going out for the night. I never used to make a big deal about my birthday, but I think I should celebrate things more. One year older, one year wiser and all that 😉

  3. just wanted to stop over and say thanks so much for your comment. even if there’s only one other person out there who doesn’t think i should “just know,” it makes me feel much better. sometimes i think if i was a little bit more “spontaneous and unthinking,” it’d be a whole lot easier because i wouldn’t waste all my time over thinking and would be forced to make it work and learn to love the life i ended up choosing. or something like that…

    p.s. happy (early) birthday!!

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