Easy (in theory) Project and great day out

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Today, I had been invited to visit a friend in Saitama (the next prefecture over from Gunma) with the children.  I no longer remember what is expected back in the U.K., but going to someone’s house empty-handed is not really the done thing here.  As we were going to eat lunch together, I knew it was basically my job to bring something sweet as a dessert or a tea-time treat.  I also wanted to take something for ‘M’, and I wanted to make it personal.  So my plan was to make her a cosmetics/toiletry bag last night after the children had gone to bed.  Nice plan, shame I fell asleep and didn’t resurface until 7a.m. the following morning…Well, I had all of the pieces cut out, interfaced and ready, all that needed doing was the construction, which I thought was easy enough in theory. 

Now as I can never remember with zips, I had to follow some online instruction to get the pieces right.  Then came the sewing.  I’m sure this should have taken less than an hour, but it was my first time working with “oilcloth”, which was actually “laminated cotton”, which I’m not entirely sure is the same thing.  I’ve heard others say that oilcloth is easy to sew…so I don’t think this was oilcloth at all…Because I was using it for the lining, I had to sew the right side of it all the time.  And it STUCK under the presser foot.  So much sew, that I didn’t have to just “ease it through”, more like drag it kicking and screaming while trying not to pull my machine on the floor.  Another downside to “oilcloth” is that you can’t really iron down the seams properly.  I’m not sure it’s safe to do so.  I tried under a piece of cloth, but it started to smell a little strange, so I gave that up.  Anyway, apart from the fabric, it turned out really well.  Next time I will put a little pull tag at the zip ends, because there is nowhere really to grab when you open it up, but it’s a lovely bag nonetheless.

The drive ended up taking just over an hour on the motorway, and it was great to see M and her son again.  There were a couple of tantrums, but all got resolved, and I think H and L had fun, despite both being a bit tired of all the excitement.  It’s good for me to get out and spend a day with a good friend.  It’s such a rare occurence, but I suppose that’s what makes it special?  The drive home was a little busy, but no delays and the children were in good spirits, despite being constantly hungry!    My period made it’s appearance and I’m wishing it hadn’t in a way, or at least waited until next month!  So I could barely eat anything as I feel so bloated and full of cramps anyway.  Just thankful for paracetamol and hoping I can lie in tomorrow 😉


One thought on “Easy (in theory) Project and great day out

  1. I LOVE oilcloth, I have this messenger bag and I can lug it around anywhere without worrying about anything staining it… I bought it from one of those shops that were all the rave at the time… you know.. celebrity following.. blah blah… it goes to show, oilcloth is very practical.. One of my friends started this company making oil cloth diaper pads that were a parents savor esp when out… and the tot needed changing… I think it can be really versatile.. well, for the exception of plastic and oilcloth covered seats…. reminds me of my grandma gambino– every time we sat down.. not to mention stick to in the summer time…

    she passed a while back, but bless her for being such a caring woman! So for the exception of sofa covers.. it’s versatile.

    Surely for makeup bags too.. I had a fabric make up bag and dropped it, and broke my fav blush Nars in Orgasm (the color) and it went everywhere…. what a great idea.

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