What a month October!!  I don’t want to relive that one ever again!  Colds, coughs, sore throats, loss of voice, more colds, coughs and sore throats, and then finished off with a couple of vomiting, bottom exploding viruses from the children. 

Haaaa, that’s better.  Now nothing can seem bad, right?  RIGHT!!  That’s what I thought and I’m sticking to it!  But scare number one.  Hello, where’s my period?!?!  I am five days late.  That’s a lot for me. One, maybe, two, unheard of.  Early, yes.  Late, never.  And I had a “feeling” in my stomach like butterflies (I had this when pregnant with Hannah and Luka).  So I took a pregnancy test which was negative.  Relief tinged with a bit of disappointment.  This is probably due to the fact that I had kind of convinced myself it would be ok if it was positive.  But it’s good basically.  Now I can go ahead with my plans for language school next autumn, and can still fly home next summer.  Bad, because I don’t know why my period is late.  I am a bit stressed from all the illness, but I don’t think I am overly stressed, relatively speaking.  I am hoping that I’m not going back down the endemetriosis path, or early menopause…wow, I have way too much thinking time for a 5 day late person…I have no patience, seriously.  I want to know why and I want to know NOW XD!

Ok, change of subject.  I finally finished a project that I was making for a belated birthday gift.  It turned out really well, although I stitched the handles on upside down (seam ripper, I love you), back to front (seam ripper, I love you more), and finally the right way.  I love love love this fabric.  I think I should work more with more Japanesey fabrics.  They CAN be cool.  A lot of people here just use them for the traditional stuff, but I think there’s a need for modernising these lovely patterns and colours!  Anyway, see what you think 😉

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2 thoughts on “Aarrrghhhhh!

  1. I think fabric can be used in a plethora of ways… totally.. OMG, jersey for example.. I have this jersey a-line mini dress with rhinestones.. it’s couture without the fuss.. I tell you.. I think fabric creativity is where it begins… this summer, back home, I wanted to wear some tank tops, and one I got had frills/ruffles, but still cool and comfy… oh yea.

    Guess what I’m eating today… HobNobs …. don’t you totally miss them… nom nom nom…. they are oats.. wonder if I can pass them off as breakfast… I do workout everyday… soooo Y’a know..lol

  2. Yes, I rebel against the thin fabric for clothes/canvas and thicker fabric for bags, etc. I go first for pattern and colour, then feel, and don’t really ever think about the usual purpose, etc. This fabric was pretty thin, so it’s not really a “bag fabric”, but I didn’t care XD The fabric I actually wear most is jersey, but it’s so hard to find decent jersey here. I think I will have to venture online if I feel like going back to jersey at some point. But oh yes, the fabric MAKES or BREAKS the item.

    Oh HobNobs…yes, I hate you!!! I tried chocolate hobnobs the other week, but I much prefer the non-chocolate variety. I think we can classify them as the healthy sin..;)

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