I’ve made lots of trousers for the children, but have yet to make H some leggings.  She wears a uniform to nursery, with a skirt, so now is the time when she will start needing leggings or tights on underneath.  She much prefers leggings, because she HATES socks for some reason.  So the first thing that gets taken off when she gets home is her socks.  When it’s cold, that becomes her tights…brrr…

I made a pattern from a pair of leggings she already owns.  They are ruched at the bottom.  I found a tutorial for this here, but I have never seen elastic thread.  It would probably be a whole lot easier making it with that, but the ones she already had, just had the elastic sewn into the seams at the bottoms of each leg, so that’s what I did.  It’s fairly easy to do.  Make the first few stitches, and then pull the elastic taut as you sew.  I didn’t get the exact measurements right.  Now I’ve thought about it, it would make more sense to start higher up on the legs and work down to the ankle seams.  Much easier to measure, but I did it the opposite way.  Well if there’s a hard way to do anything, I will do it.  Every garment brings a lesson learned 😉 

I am pretty pleased with the results and will be using the pattern to make a whole load more!


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