Cold days and pretty scenery


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Yesterday, H went to nursery. She was coughing and sniffling (ok, more like snotting all over the place), so I kept her off on Monday. On Tuesday she went back. There was Mumin Club, which is a little group of pre-pre-kindergarten children who meet up about once a fortnight with one of the teachers there just to play for an hour and chat with the other mums. This week, as I wasn’t feeling well, I told the teacher at the gate that L and I wouldn’t be attending this week. She told me that this week H’s class was scheduled to join us and do some dancing and running about. Thinking that H would be gutted to join Mumin Club but us not be there, I reluctantly said that we would come too. It wasn’t so bad after all, but L was a real shit. He apologised to about 4 children for pushing, hitting, etc. I was more than disappointed. He’s not good around those children, and I have to think that it’s the time of day. He’s often sleepy at that time, and when he’s sleepy or hungry he turns into an absolute beast. I have NO idea where he gets that from…;P

So yesterday, I had to wake H up yet again ( although to tell the truth, I didn’t wake until eight o’clock and then had a mad rush and lots of dirty looks at my husband for not waking me up) and she wasn’t into going to nursery again.  After some gentle coaxing and promises that she felt a bit crappy just because it was morning time, she got dressed, ate breakfast and off we went.  Then back at home, I did the housework, moped around a bit playing with L and generally feeling sorry for myself for not really feeling much better.  I read him four books.  I rarely read books in the daytime and yesterday I remembered why.  I fell asleep at least three times.  After much needed coffee and stretching, I felt a bit more with it.  At around one o’clock, we went off for a drive.  This seems to be our routine these days.  We go for a drive, then off to pick H up.  L is so tired, but just will rarely sleep if we are at home.  The only place he will drop off without fail is in the car.  It’s nice because I get to see some scenery, and yesterday the mountains looked amazing!  Shame it never really comes up on film, but I could see the snowy peak – yes, it got cold overnight!  Lots of pretty fields and nature.  And a bit of quiet time for me.  I felt quite happy to live here again.  So to celebrate the cold (and the fact that H pulled up some sweet potatoes from her nursery field), I made a sweet potato, pork and vegetable casserole.  Everyone ate it ALL, which was quite surprising, as I was a bit slapdash with chucking stuff into it.  So it turned out a success.  Now just to remember what I put in it…

And as my posts these days would be incomplete without some sewing stuff included…am attaching a pic of a tissue box cover that I made for my car too.  I started on Tuesday night after the children had gone to sleep and it took me about 3 hours!  I started trying to do one with a slot for the tissues, but I couldn’t get it to work out, so I decided to do one with two pieces across the top and a slit all down the middle.  In the photos it’s a bit gapey, but after pressing it and reshaping it some more, it’s turned out fine.   I was annoyed with myself that something so simple would take so long.  But I am pleased with the results, although the end pieces are a bit big.  I think that always tends to be my problem.  I am always so worried that it will turn out too small, so I overcompensate and then hardly ever end up altering it.  I put a lining in, which in retrospect is a little useless.  It looks nicer when you are changing the tissue box, but who cares?!?!


2 thoughts on “Cold days and pretty scenery

  1. When I saw your tissue box cover, it reminded me of one I had, made from faux fur… lol I like that you are so comfortable using colors, where as, I’m in an all white zone…. places I live, furniture, dressing… it’s my comfort zone.

    I want to see that A line dress….. YESSSS pleaseeeee… OH, and btw, on your post below, the fact that you are tackling jersey now, shows you have a LOT of patience.. that and duponi are the toughest to work with. It takes major skills… so you should pat yourself on the back! I bet you could wear that with a pencil cropped pant in one of the colors from the stripes, a pair of flats… that would look really awesome.. you can always dress up jersey. I have this top that is WAY too big on me, but I love it, I throw on one of those huge belts, over my leggings, big hoop earrings.. and i’m done…

    Sorry I’m late commenting… been thrown into a whirlwind of things… but mostly chilling out and relaxing after a busy summer… speaking of cold.. it got cool here too… I turned the heat on, and since we only put those floor boards in one area of the house… I made sure we had a TV there… it was cold, and is, right? AND.. we have like a major, huge, humongo Typhoon that might hit us? I reckon, it will be just as strong your way?

    UGH… what will happy to all the new trees, shrubs… and I need to get things tied down… work is cut out for me.. lol

  2. I like colours, bright and bold. I am not a fan of pastels, although I suppose they have their place. I like bold colours against white though, especially turquoise, although it’s hard to find turquoise accessories at the moment.

    Apparently jersey isn’t as hard to work with as people think, and I do agree with that to a certain extent. It doesn’t fray, so there is no worrying about finishing seams, and it stretches the ways you want it too. I did miss working with cotton though, so I went back to it slowly with the tissue box cover 😉 I’m a bit done with clothes for a while though, at least for me. I’m not good at working with patterns, so I’ll have to get around that somehow. Although it would be a nice goal for me, and I DO like A-lines. I ordered a few dresses from ASOS which will possibly serve as pattern making guides. I love your outfit idea, but belts just don’t work for me. Maybe a low slung one, but my waist is small and my hips big, so belts usually make me look a bit boxy.

    YES, it’s freezing here today! I love autumn, so was a bit down that it suddenly went from hot hot hot to cold cold cold! I’m glad that it’s due to a typhoon. I’m not ready to give up spending lots of time outside yet! Plus I love autumn wear too. Hope it doesn’t hit too hard though. As you say, won’t be the best for the garden..

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