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I am sick…yet again..or still? I’ve kind of lost track. So yesterday’s private lesson was cancelled, and today’s kindie gig also. My boss is teaching them today..he’s a French teacher. But his English is pretty good. At least good enough to teach kindergarten and primary level anyway. My voice is slowly coming back, although I do still sound a bit gravelly. I’ve not neglected my sewing over the past few days though. I hate that I can’t sit still and “do nothing”..oh, ok, I love it! So the pics are some new fabric I picked up. I decided to get some traditional (ish) Japanese prints for presents and stuff. And the top I made from the last book I mentioned, but I’m not all that pleased with it. It fits ok, I made the sleeves long, but the body of it is a bit more “boyfriend” than I would like. I learned a lot about jersey though. I am having a love hate relationship. I’m thinking that the pattern is a bit off too. I may just make my own patterns from clothes I already own, because the childrens clothes have worked out well that way.


2 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. oh, i love the “surprise feature” fabric! i have it in red and blue but almost bought more at the store the other day (because i want ALL the colors!) but i managed to restrain myself. haha.

    i should really experiment making jersey shirts for myself – then i could have long sleeve shirts with sleeves that are actually long and not three quarter. either way, yours looks good, i’m impressed! and hope you’re feeling 100% soon!!

  2. Yes! I thought of you when I saw it. I love the clash. Ah, I know what you mean, although I don’t mind the 3/4 length sleeve. I DO love really long sleeves, the kind that you find on Hollister and the like. Most of my tops are jersey, so if I want to make tops for myself, it’s the fabric to go with. I’m planning on making my own pattern from a t-shirt today, making the arms slim enough and the hips large enough and hopefully that will serve as a basis for lots more tops!

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