Another book and fab pics!

The second part of my book order came yesterday, and I got this.  At first glance, it’s not as impressive looking, although it’s hardcover and ringbound.  The author is a little more serious-sounding, but she still writes basically enough for me to understand (I mean about sewing..I am not simple..).  The book has the patterns enclosed, so there is no printing out and arranging various sheets to stick together, etc., but seeing the pattern pieces just there in all their thin brown paper glory gets me a bit nervous.  Flicking through the book though, there are a huge amount of designs to make from just adapting some of the patterns.  And they are ALL for women…he he.  Gives me an excuse to focus on my own clothes for a while.  I’m itching to try the boatneck and the baby doll, but in the interests of development, I think I will start from the beginning and work through. 

Another thing I discovered this week that I LOVE, is the Hipstamatic camera application for iPhone.  It makes even the worst photos I could take look very cool indeed.  And some of them remind me of some photos I took where I accidentally exposed the film before winding back.  Great effects.  Trouble is, there are lots of packages to buy as add-ons…must be satisfied for a while before going down that route.  Basic package for around 200 yen.  Not bad.  So I am attaching a load of pics from that.  Oh, and I am going down the slideshow route for a while, because I can never get my photos in the right order on here!!!

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2 thoughts on “Another book and fab pics!

  1. Love the analog in that ap! Would you know that I don’t have an iphone, despite my love affair for all-things-apple… am I that busy that I can’t keep up with an iPhone? I think it would make my days easier… I seem to always use my LT or pad more… except for my friends that are on the same calling plane as I am because I’m CHEAP!

    Don’t even get me started on aps, and photography, action sets etc… sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have picked such an expensive hobby, but then I think about it, before my DSLR… there was printing involved and less room for mistakes.. so I’m glad to have flourished under the modern realm…. haha

    I think you should go for the baby doll dress… cos you know, that’s my fav, and I think you’d really don it well and channel Audrey H.

  2. They’re great, aren’t they? I’m not an Apple fan to be honest, but I DO love my iPhone. It means the net is always on tap for me, because otherwise I just have a desktop.

    I remember back to my little manual camera, at the end of the film we had to wind it back, and the films were 24 or even 12 shots! And that was for a 2 week family holiday! It’s much nicer with digital that you can just snap away, and especially with the DSLRs coming out. I loved my SLR, but the developing charges are ridiculous! 2000 yen per film! So I’d love a DSLR one day.

    The baby doll dress would hardly be a la Audrey in knit..and on me, ha ha! But it will definitely get made in jersey first, and then I might try to adapt it for woven fabrics. My Grandma used to wear the same style dress all the time. She found a style that worked for her and just made a whole load of them. But she always looked different because of the range of fabrics she chose. I really don’t think I ever saw her in anything else!

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