Obsessed…and dirty!

A very kind man brought this book to my door today.  Of course the first time this very kind man came, I was at the supermarket for 15 minutes. He chose that time to come, and then when I called him back and said I would only be home for the next hour and a half, he whizzed over here to present me with my package. I ordered it, but I like to think I didn’t and that it is a present from somebody. That way, I don’t feel guilty for spending so much on it, because it was more costly from Japan Amazon than on the link I gave you. But it is beautiful. Hardcover and ringbound. Lovely long-term book. And it tells me the basics. Things that really I should have learned before sewing the things I have, but that’s me…do everything backwards.  But then it goes on to pretty curtains, cushions with piping, skirts and finally a shirt/blouse.  I love the author already. Because she is passionate about sewing, and she wants others to be too. She teaches sewing, which I love too, because she really does seem to care about everyone being able to sew and to create and not to feel intimidated. So this book offers basics from threading a machine, explaining about different threads, fabrics, tools, techniques, all with lots of pictures and in a simple but non-patronising way.  There is a CD included with patterns, although I have not had chance to look at this yet.  But all of the projects bar one interest me, so I already think it’s a great buy 😉 

This week, the cleaning seems to be taking a back seat because every day I want to MAKE something!  Today was a bit annoying, because I wanted to make H and L’s p.j. trousers smaller in the waist.  This should have been an easy task, but when I started to unpick the waistband (and serging, annoying..), it turned out that it was sewn INTO the elastic as opposed to having a loose casing, so I had to unpick it ALL and then sew it all up again with a little fold over where all the pretty serging had been.  But they are done, and now not just sitting in the cupboard being useless and getting shorter in the legs (well that would be the children getting longer in the legs, but hopefully you know what I mean).  Tomorrow, I MUST clean…or at least hoover up the threads 😉


4 thoughts on “Obsessed…and dirty!

  1. I can’t wait to see what you are making!!! Does this mean that I’ll soon see you on Project Runway sending down a model wearing your sweeping a-line dress what everyone will be swooning over?

    You know what– I think I’ve got this fantastic idea for you, a problem that I’ve run into, and I think (if you are open to it) could really be tailored to a gap that needs to be filled… when you are taking orders, let me know… = )

    • Thanks GJ 😉 I’m a long way from Project Runway, but I’d like to think that I will be able to at least make some pretty things to hang in my wardrobe. The kiddies clothes are ideal for practicing, because aside from giving my two some new clothes, they use less fabric, meaning if I mess up, I don’t lose all that much! I’m learning new things all the time, so it’s a slow process, but very fun! I doubt it will ever grow into a business, but who knows ONE day when I have more time.

  2. I think is is lovely you have found something you enjoy doing so much as a hobby. The book looks fantastic too- I have a couple of simple project sewing books. One for baby/children`s items and one more for everyday items and even though I haven`t sewed in ages I still enjoy flicking through them. Both authors were originally(and still are) bloggers!!!

    The tag blanket I made for Noah originally came from one of the books mentioned above. He still plays with it so I must at least make a new one for the new baby before he comes along.

    • Thanks Lulu! You know, whenever people used to ask whether I had a hobby, I always said, no, just the usual…reading, going out with friends, travelling, watching films, etc. etc. Although I still like to do those things, it’s great to have a real passion. And even feeling obsessed feels good! Tag blankets are great, really simple and very well received, I heard? Hope you get back into sewing!

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