Lazy weekends…

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This weekend, I pretty much stayed close to home with my family. On Saturday, we spent most of the day outside our house, doing a tiny amount of gardening (the lovely zinnia is gone..the flowers are so pretty, but it was just spidery growing like an ugly triffid…so it got the chop) and playing with the children outside. After watching Burt do chalk drawings outside the park in Mary Poppins, H got worried that it was naughty to draw on the pavement. We had a chat and then saw when the rain washed them away, but it gave me an idea for a fun activity. I moved the cars to the outside spaces, and we had the whole middle parking space for chalking on. Of course, as time went on, it progressed…there came bike parking spaces, hopscotch on the road, saucers for our coffee cups, pillows and futons, and finally a bike course in the road. We picked up one neighbour, Miku chan, and then a couple of primary school boys from round the corner who had come over with their Mum to collect the neighbourhood fee. They went home and then came running back 5 minutes later and were hurriedly drawing zebra crossings on the course, and all kinds of things. It was really sweet how excited everyone was. The elder boy I thought I recognised, and it wasn’t until later on in the car to the supermarket that I realised that I had taught him in the community centre summer school week I’d done back in July..I hope he wasn’t sad that I didn’t recognise him!

I went out to the gym on Saturday night, but just had a walk on the treadmill, then off home. I’m still not really well yet, but I just really needed to get out of the house. Then today I had a lesson, then off to the cycle shop. Ok, we had planned on getting H a bike for Christmas, but as her present bike is pretty small for her and more than a bit battered, plus the fact that this weather is perfect for playing outside as opposed to a colder December/Jan/Feb., etc.  We decided to make it an early Christmas present instead.  We looked at one place and found a pretty nice bike that of course she wanted straight away, but I was worried as there was no back part (I’m not sure how to describe this, but the flat part that goes above the wheel where you can put a basket, or someone can hitch a ride on), and she had told me she wanted that so that the neighbour kiddies could play together.  There was no other bike with one of those on, except for a really expensive one that she was not going to get..So I persuaded her to go to another shop on the promise that we could return if she decided she still liked this one best.

Of course, the other shop..there was a cheaper one, and it had a, hmm, let’s call it a “back rack”, but it was big all over.  I mean, H is pretty tall and skinny, so she needs a bigger bike, but she’s still only little, and the handlebars were really widely spaced and it just looked like a bit of a crap bike.  Then another, which was lovely, but expensive.  In the end, we went for it though..There would have been the option after we’d bought the one from the other shop, to have a back rack fitted, but it would cost around 2000 yen to fit, and it may not be flat, so it just seemed the right choice.  She had better look after it, ha ha!  So we spent the rest of the afternoon outside on the little bench that I said we’d never use, watching our children playing about on their bikes.  Ahhhh, lovely weekend!


2 thoughts on “Lazy weekends…

  1. Great photos!!!

    Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. This past weekend was semi relaxing but I am hoping this next one (in which we have no plans) will be super duper relaxing and probably our last non-busy weekend before I head to Australia so we plan to spend some time just the three of us.

    H`s new bike is very cute!

    • Thanks Lulu! You always sound really busy, so I think your semi-relaxing weekend would be a busy one for me! I hope you have a great weekend with some good family time before your trip.

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