Creative juices

the failure

Yet again, it’s been a while since my last post.  But this time, I kind of have an excuse.  I’ve caught the bug from the children and am feeling pretty crappy.  Plus L doesn’t seem to be sleeping at all these days, so I’ve been bumming around with him.  It’s been a week since I went to the gym, and I have lost a kilo of what I can only assume is muscle..kind of sucks,  but also tells me that my scale weight shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  I’m considering getting out the tape measure and keeping track that way.  That’s a bit of a hassle, which is good, because it means once a week will be enough.  I’m hoping I feel well enough on Saturday evening to get back to working out, but I’m going to wait until I’m recovered because I really can’t afford to get sicker with two children to take  care of.

L is napping right now, which gives me chance to write.  I know the napping isn’t going to help the evening sleep, but once I pick H up from nursery, we’re off to the park to run off some excess energy (they’ll be running…).

So I’ve picked up lots of fabric recently.  I went to find some rib knit to make the 90 minute shirt, after my first failed attempt.  At the first shop they had none, and didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.  At the second shop (warehouse HEAVEN), they had a load of it on special.  Only 500 yen for 140 x 200cm!!  Bargain.  And some lovely colours, so I picked up bright blue, yellow, orange and white to use with brighter colours.  After my dismal failure at the first shirt, I decided to do it my own way.  I had cut up the bodysuit, as instructed, but mine was way too small, so I had to measure up the pattern.  I think this is where I went wrong, plus the sleeves on the suit were fluttery and weird shaped, so it all  went pear-shaped.

I took one of L’s vests, folded it in half and traced round it for the body.  Then I took a sleeve from a long sleeved top.  Not wanting to cut anything up, I managed to get the shape by drawing around the main sleeve, then flipping it over to get the shape of the top of the sleeve (where it meets the rest of the shirt) and then added a little for seam allowance.  I pushed the long sleeved top through the vest armhole to make sure it would work out, and then went ahead and cut out the pattern pieces from jersey.  The ribbing was one MILLION times easier to work with than the normal jersey I used before.  I think the problem was that it was thin and not the best quality, so it rolled…a lot.  Even after I ironed it down.  The damn stuff wouldn’t stop rolling.

Anyway, I stitched everything up.  And there it was!  Things I will change for the next time:

1.  Make the sleeve slimmer.  It has a little bit of a puffed sleeve effect at the top, because the vest was just smaller than the long sleeved top.

2.  For the cuffs, I had to unpick them, shorten the length, and gather the sleeves into them to make them functional to wear.  I suppose altering number one will help with that too, but I will definitely make them smaller next time.

3. The neckline is a little wide, so I will make that slightly smaller next time, although it still has to fit over the neck, so I’ll not go too much smaller.

All in all, I’m really happy with it!  The ribbing edges look a bit unfinished.  That’s where I wish I had an overlocker, but it’s still shabby chic, so I’m not fussed.  If I had the patience, I would do a fold where the ribbing joins the rest of the shirt, but I don’t 😉  Next project is one for H.  I think I’ll do the ribbing a different colour though, to make it easier to tell whose is whose.  After that, a pair of fleece lined trousers.  Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Creative juices

  1. You are getting so good a working with Jersey. Jersey is flexible, yet really difficult to work with. You know, I bet you’d be really freak’n awesome at using one of those Vogue etc vintage patterns for like a scoop-neck a-line above the knee dress, I imagine those large big buttons covered in fabric…. I know you’ll rock it…. you are inspiring me to take mine out, that I got and never used (I’m so intimidated by that machine)… eek..

    AND.. what the heck was up with the weather the other day.. hot, hot warm… but it’s just now, thankfully cooling off and I don’t have to sweat a bucket when I go out running.. although, that happens anyway… hehe

    have a fab weekend = )

    • Thanks! Yeah…some jersey I’ve found it great to work with. But has to be the thick stuff. Although it does tend to get eaten up by the machine, whichever. But it’s the fabric that I wear the most of, so I am practicing with it to make some stuff for myself.

      Oh, I’d love to use the patterns. Especially a dress like that. But I am no good with patterns. And the instructions…ukkkk. I get lost in the first sentence. I have a few patterns handed down from my Grandma, but no dresses in there as yet. I’m hoping to work out how to make one for myself at one point. I figure an A-line shouldn’t be so difficult if time-consuming. I’m enjoying trying new things out though!

      Wow, the weather, it’s hot today. I’m just wearing a t-shirt and light trousers, sandals. I kind of wish it would make up it’s mind, but I also love that I am wearing this stuff in OCTOBER, he he!

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