Fresh air and fun

Today marked a very welcome end to the incubation!  H and L both woke through the night, but come morning time, a very happy L woke up at 6:30, and a very rested H didn’t wake until 10a.m. O_O  I was about to go upstairs to check that she was breathing when she walked in the living room with a little smile on her face.  My hand went to her head, and the fever was/is still there, but about 3 degrees lower than the past few days. 

As soon as she came through the door, L shouted, “Nannnnna!” (what he calls her)as if to a long lost friend.  I had told him that if H was feeling better, that we would go out somewhere after she’d eaten breakfast.  Now H is an infamously slow eater.  While she was sitting at the table, she paused her eating to chat to me, and L came storming up shouting excitedly, “eat breakfast Nanna, eat breakfaaaaaaaaaaaaast!”…oh dear.  It’s one thing having to stay indoors when you are poorly, but quite another when you are healthy and full of infant energy, poor thing.  But I knew how he felt, and I had been out to the gym in the evenings.  L didn’t step outside yesterday.

So eaten, dressed, taken medicine, off we went, first to stop off at the bank.  Hadn’t been paid yet..bum..then off to the park.  Both of them were chomping at the bit when they saw where we were going.  Not just our local park, but another one, still local, but a car ride/bike ride away.  I have never seen two children happier.

And now, after our bath (H really didn’t want one, but said she felt better after it), both of them are fast asleep at 7p.m.  SCORE!!!  Ok, well they are both asleep in my bed, but it’s something!  So I am itching to get started on a new project because tonight my gym is closed.  With the children being ill all week, I have only managed a mini re-make.  The ladybird trousers that I made for H (not sure if I shared them on here), they ended up being passed to L because they are cropped, and crazily short in the body.  I noticed the other day that they are way too short in the body for L too, so I unpicked the seam, made a jersey band  and stitched it on.  Sounds simple right?  Arghhh, no!  Damn this thin roll whether you want it to or not, whether you iron it or not bloody jersey.  I so very nearly gave up.  It was a major stress.  I love that jersey doesn’t fray, but ugh, the rolling.  And I have now decided that my tiny Tokyo iron is too small and powerless.  I need something meatier, and for someone who never irons unless I am making something, that is a very surprising need…The back of the band turned out to be too big, so I snipped some off and put it together as best as I could, although it’s obviously messy and crap, but I was just so past caring.  The children were getting fed up, and my quick reform was taking longer than I’d planned.  The fit is sooo much better though, so I’m glad I persevered…a little.

Today, I was reading MADE, and found this great site!  There are loads of free patterns and tutorials, and for good stuff, not just pillowcases…so tonight, I will attempt one of the projects!  Fingers crossed the chibis stay in bed 😉


4 thoughts on “Fresh air and fun

  1. Wow, your sewing is really coming along well! How have you been? Last we chatted, it was HOT, and humid, aren’t you glad we have cooler weather? I like the photo you used, it reminds me of Dr. Seuss’s whatcamacallit? Remember that?

    • Hi! Thank you! I’m keeping at it 😉 Yes, it WAS hot. Sorry I am a terrible emailer 😦 I am really loving the weather too. The first photo, you mean? Not all that familiar with Dr. Seuss, but it looks a bit “Seussy”, ha ha!

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