And here it comes again…

Yesterday was day three of L’s meds.  He seemed much better.  The fever was gone, and he was talking and running around like his usual self.  Y decided that he would take another half day off (must be serious) and just go to work in the afternoon. 

I picked H up from nursery at 1p.m., as usual on Tuesdays, then we drove off to the temporary daycare where I dropped off an almost asleep L (no tears this time, woohoo!) and a happy enough H.  My classes went ok.  It was comfortable in the classroom, and for the first time, we didn’t need to use the fans, which was just as well seeing as they’d taken them away!  One of the students in my second class didn’t show up, and his classmates said that he had quit English anyway.  Hmm, first I’d heard of it.  When I asked my boss at the temp. daycare (he comes to pay the bill when I pick them up), he said, “ah yes, he quit”.  Apparently it was because he didn’t understand.  My feelings are that he may have had he listened and not spent most of the time playing about with the whistly end of his pencil…Well he seemed to get it ok in class, so I’m not sure what happened, but I can’t let it get to me.  I always give them a fun lesson, but there’s only so much you can do when there are children who just won’t get into anything you try.

We stopped off at Mos Burger for dinner.  It’s simply for convenience sake, but they have hot dogs, which the children love, and it’s quiet in there.  I sometimes drop by the bento shop or prepare food earlier in the day if I have time, but L often falls into his night time sleep before we get home, so it kind of makes sense to stop on the way instead.  When we left, it was POURING with crazy rain!  Of course my first thought was that I had a balcony full of laundry.  Why don’t I learn ?!!?!

I was exhausted too.  Those Tuesdays really wear me out!  It’s not so much the teaching, although of course that’s tiring too, but the preparing for the daycare, picking up the children, etc.  I’m out of the house for six hours, so I can’t imagine what I would be like doing a full-time job with the children still so small.  I have great respect for those mothers who do, and even more for those who have to.

So I conked out at 8:30 and slept until about 2:30 Thanks body clock..just because I usually get six hours, can’t you let me at least have ten occasionally?!?!  L was in my bed from about four and then I was more than ready to get up at 6:30 when H stumbled in.  We were just about to get ready when I noticed H had a fever…oh dear.  I thought the whole illness had come from H, but I’m guessing that Y was the culprit and it’s H’s turn now.  She’s still in her p.j.s at 2:30 and L curled up and went to sleep on the floor, both about an hour ago.  H is complaining of a stomachache, so in terms of medicine, there’s nothing really that I can give her.  I was about to take her to the docs., but that’s when she went to sleep.  I may take her later, or just see how she is.  I’m not sure what the doctor can give her will make her feel any better anyway.

This weekend is H’s nursery sport’s day.  I’m not a big fan, but I know that H has spent a lot of time practicing and is looking forward to it, so I really hope she’s feeling better by then. 

It’s so typical, because I had grand plans to spend the afternoon in the park today, and the weather is really warm and sunny, but I suppose the best outings are the unplanned ones.  Kind of a depressing post eh?  But that’s pretty much the mood in our house today.  Let’s hope tomorrow brings happier things.

Now all I have to do is avoid the dreaded bug myself!


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