Sick…me? Nope, I am just the passive observer/doing everythinger


Today I am very ready to say thank God it’s Sunday.  As I posted before, L got a sudden fever, which got worse in the night up to 40 degrees.  We went to the docs on Saturday.  I told Y that I wanted to go to our old doc in Maebashi.  It’s a little far, and I don’t think she’s a great doctor, but she speaks English, and she always tells me what meds she is giving and why.  The doc. near us never does, and his bedside manner leaves much to be desired.  His wife is much nicer, but I haven’t seen her there in months. 

So off we went.  On the way, Y said that his throat felt a little sore too.  I guessed he was just vying for attention, so ignored him.  When we got there, L’s fever spiked again.  And the diagnosis?  Tonsilitis.  For the PAIR of them.  Now as I said before, she is not a great doctor, so I often wonder if her diagnosis is correct, and then decide myself later whether to give the antibiotics that she prescribes or not.  Y seemed fine, so I wondered…but today he has been in bed for most of the day (yesterday too) wearing far too many clothes and covers, with a temperature of 40 degrees. 

I am crap with sick people.  Especially sick but hyper crazy children.  I bite my tongue.  A lot.  And I give ice cream and huggles.  H got meds for her hayfever, which has made her CRAZY today.  I am seriously thinking about not giving them from tomorrow, because she hates the way she feels so sleepy.  She actually asked me to stop them because of it.  And usually she likes taking meds.  Yes, I am very lucky 😉  Well they both got off to sleep at just before 7p.m. tonight, leaving me lots of time to myself.  Y came down for a while.  I ushered him back to bed after Lost.  Partly so he could have a good rest, and partly because I just wanted to be alone!!

So I had this huge sheet of jersey to play with:


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