Project almost finished

the other side As you can see, I left the ends open mainly because I used a shorter zip.

My latest project (gift), is a bag with a recessed zip.  It was my first try and being an impatient control freak, I worked it out myself.  There are things that I didn’t get quite right, so I kind of know for next time, and the lining is getting caught in the zip, so I have to fix that before I can consider it done.  Otherwise, quite happy with it.  This is the second time I’ve had interfacing issues though.  It makes the fabric all wrinkly.  Any tips, or do I just have to be extra careful, like when you put a screen cover on your phone to avoid the air bubbles?


2 thoughts on “Project almost finished

  1. It looks pretty! Everytime I see your sewing related posts I think “I should pull out my sewing machine” but I haven`t…

    I have no advice with lining- have used it a couple times myself but it was just cotton fabric not actual lining material and I can`t remember now if I had issues or not. Zips I know I suck at though. lol

  2. Thanks Laura! You totally should! That pair of trousers for Noah? I’m sure you’d do better than me. I am a total beginner. I was put off sewing by a total bitch of a textiles teacher at school yelling at me because I couldn’t thread the bobbin after being shown once…sad, eh? But I’m loving it now. It’s mostly all I think about when I have some free time. The lining was no problem, but the interfacing (the iron on stuff you iron to the back of the main fabric). Zips aren’t as hard as I thought they would be. There are some great tips and tutorials on the net.

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