Wednesday 29th September, 2010

Dog Bus arrives..

No imagination whatsoever for today’s title I’m afraid, so in the classic style of a true diary…today’s date.  And as I looked in the mirror at a big red hot patch on my chest, across my nose and the back of my neck (had to do some twisting for that one), I realise what date it actually is, and how funny that I got sunburnt right at the end of September. 

L and I dropped H off at nursery at just before 9a.m., we then came home and left the house on my bike at 9:30a.m.  We cycled to the sport’s ground near my MIL’s place where we met H and the rest of the kindergarten pupils who had been transported to the ground by school buses, “piston” style.  Now the logic behind that one must be way over my head, but anyway…We were gathered there to practice for the town’s sport’s festival which we are to take part in.  H had her maracas (remember the ones?) and OH. MY. GOD…some children seemed to be growing tinsel and all sorts of stuff from their maracas.  One boy almost tripped over his.  Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t care.  I like that I didn’t care.  I shouldn’t care.  I did find it quite amusing though, and slightly sad that Japanese mothers are under such pressure to perform miracles and then shrug it off as if it were nothing. 

“A-san, your maracas are so beautifully decorated!  You are very creative and great!”

“Oh no no no (wave of hand in front of face here and look of humourous disagreement), I am rubbish!”

So after about an hour or so of crouching down and waving pom poms around while H did her funky stuff, it was time to go.  As usual, I wondered if I could just leave or not.  Lots of mothers hanging around, children already gone on the bus.  But I must be mad.  I hang around a little longer too.  My legs hurt from crouching and my trousers are dirty at the knees from giving up.  L and I jog back to the bike and I have a mini panic that I’ve dropped the bike key (also attached to the house key) from my pocket onto a dirt ground the size of a football pitch.  When we get back to the bike, I see the keys are still attached to the lock and breathe a sigh of relief.  Then I scold myself for being so careless with the house key.

I nip into my SILs for some barley tea, then it’s uphill all the way home, meaning lots of walking for me and L getting pissed off and telling me to “run Mummy!!” 

It was a pretty good day really, but I am now exhausted and ready to go out to the gym..yeah, weird eh?  I am looking forward to the 20 minute drive alone and having my firegazing time before getting back to work.  OOH, and the sleeping didn’t go so badly tonight either.  Both of the children were exhausted.  H and I cooked dinner, then we ate at around 4:30 meaning that H and L could go outside and play with the other children in the street.  There are two other girls the same age in our street and it’s great that they play together, but a bit of a strain for me.  The mothers all stand out in the street gossiping, and that’s not really me.  I’m pleasant, exchange pleasantries and sometimes join in the conversation, but I’d really rather not.  So I mainly busied myself weeding while making sure my children didn’t bully the others too much…So great for the children though, so I don’t really mind it all that much!




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