my bland-looking old woman's lunch

my three children
Great big room
Playing at the jidokan…with something he plays at home with all the time


Ok, so my “daily” posts are certainly slipping a little.  It seems the days are passing by faster than I thought, but I suppose that means I’m busy, so that’s not such a bad thing.  Although I do like to post.  The L sleeping situation has not really improved.  Now, instead of fighting it, I kind of accept that I am going to have to lay with him until he falls asleep.  At least then I don’t feel as if I could be “damaging” him or depriving H of much needed sleep.  And if I read my book and get them off to bed relatively early, then I get some down time too.  And I usually don’t fall asleep if my nose is stuck in a book.  Although I read two volumes of Nana today while I was waiting for sleep to come.  Grr…hate how expensive manga is and how quickly you get through it.  

The weekend was a quiet but fairly good one.  After Y and my discussion about finances, we stayed home on Saturday, just playing outside with the children for a few hours in the afternoon.  I did a bit more work on a sewing project and then went off to the gym in the evening.  The next day was much the same, except we took the books back to the children’s library and let the children play at the jidokan (indoor play area) for a bit.  The 0-3 year old room was totally empty, so they had fun playing around in there for a while.  I love how clean the place is and that it’s free..even the parking ticket gets validated for 5 hours, so that’s never an issue either.  There are tables in there and lots of mothers bring a packed lunch to eat.  So if you are organised enough, it’s a free fun day out.  It’s especially great on weekdays of course, because then there are really only the pre-pre-schoolers around.  It’s quite a big thought that L will be at kindergarten from April.  I’m a little sad and worried how he will cope with it and how I will miss him, and at the same time excited about the time I will have.  I’m hoping to get some more work while they are out at kindy, but I also don’t want to get a commitment that won’t allow me to go back to the U.K. next summer.  Ideally, I would like to go back for a month.  My Mum still has her business, but is giving up her shop and working from home, so it means that we would see a lot more of her when we are visiting (hopefully!).  I checked the flight prices and July/August are almost 500,000 yen for H, L and I…O_O  Then I checked from end of June -end of July and they are 347,000…quite a big gap.  Kindergarten holidays are from end of July until end of August, so it always means that the children and I have a HUGE holiday together, but at those prices, I can’t really pass up on the cheaper fares.  Especially before they start primary school and time off starts to become more of an issue. 

Wow, it’s only September, I know…quite some time before next summer, but it’s good to know that there is an affordable time, and my teaching contract at the kindie ends next March, so it means if they want to renew, at least I can tell my boss that I am planning the big trip.  It was kind of a condition when I started working for him again.  Good for the childrens English and also essential for me too.  I speak English all the time, but rarely to adults, and it’s good to refresh my knowledge on language/home culture/prices/society/television (he he) too.  So this is something to look forward to.  Hard to believe that L will be 3 by that time… 

Exercise programme is going well.  I am super motivated and have started controlling calories again now I am stuck at a plateau.  My body is craving bitter foods, which apparently means there is a deficiency in the foods that are categorised by their bitter tastes.  I’m thinking iron?  Mostly craving dark greens, spinach, bok choy, green peppers, mizuna, all of that good stuff.  It’s hard because they are the vegetables that the children aren’t that fond of.  They prefer sweeter carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, etc., so I am doing a lot of tandem cooking at the moment.  Also MEAT…YUK!!!  I have a real aversion to it.  I have a fridge full of tofu.  And fish gives me the icks too.  The smell of it cooking could make me puke on the spot.  Interesting how the body works.  So today’s lunch (the one that my body instructed me to make) looked like an old persons lunch…vegetable soup (with bits of chicken in that I gave to the children), rice, steamed vegetables and poached egg.  I’m trying to make my meals balanced at least, and am glad to have a craving that doesn’t involve chocolate and cake…oh, and bread, although that will always be my weakness…yummy! 

And now..the weather..After complaining for at least the whole of summer about the sultry heat, I refuse to complain about the cold.  At least until winter anyway.  The thermometer now reads 12 degrees at night time.  What a difference!  It was always at least 30 even at night until a week or two ago.  But it’s SOOOOO nice to go outside in my hoody and JEANS!!!  How I have missed you xxx Although I am cross that you are a little snug around the tum…grr… And it’s nice when the children ask to play outside that I can just say, “Yes, let’s go!” Sit outside with a coffee and a book/magazine and let them play crazy on their bikes.  So until those temperatures hit 2s and 3s, I am NOT complaining thank you.  Hello Autumn! 


2 thoughts on “Slipping

  1. Supernanny recommends an easy gradual sleep separation technique. My friend did it with her very attached 2-year-old daughter and it worked great. Basically you start by sitting beside the bed not looking at them until they are asleep (instead of in bed) and once they’re used to that you sit farther away (always putting them back in bed if they get out). Once your child is used to that, you sit by the door, then outside the door and eventually they don’t need you. It took my friend at least two months to do the whole thing but it was easy on her and her daughter. She got to read through the whole Harry Potter series, too!!!

  2. Sarah – thanks for the tip. It worked well with my daughter when she was little, although she was a dream child. I have tried it with L of course. I have tried lots of things. The fact is, he has the stamina to rival any living thing. If I sit next to the bed, he is fine, but if I don’t look at him, he gets out, I put him back, he gets out, I put him back, etc. etc. This can go on for four hours (I know, I’ve done it). Same with the back to bed technique. Even when he was a baby, my mother was amazed that he could scream in the car on the motorway for hours on end. Plus, I didn’t have the time or the energy to keep it up. L shares a room with H, so it’s harder that way too. I could seperate them, but I think that would open up a whole new can of worms…BUT, after reading your comment, I decided to settle down and give it another go. I finished Twilight and started New Moon, although my back got stiff. I had to sit with my knees up in the door frame to stop L from climbing up on top of me. He grizzled, and I let him wander around a bit as opposed to putting him back to bed (which I think angers him more), all the while ignoring him, then when he got really whacked, I put him in bed, and returned to the door frame. He was asleep fairly quickly after that. I do think Supernanny is great though. A lot of her ideas work for us. I just wish my husband would remember and stick to the rules instead of confusing the children!

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