Pondering Time

Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox, meaning a day off here.  It rained.  And was cold.  These are both two good things in my book.  Firstly, it’s not hot, which is always a plus after a super long heatwave.  Secondly, places aren’t crowded because nobody likes going out in the rain.  So upon pondering what to do, I suggested going to the outlet mall in Sano    It has been a while since we went there, and I wanted to get out of the house as always.  Well, to be honest, I would have been quite happy staying in if it meant I could relax and sew.  However, I knew that in reality, I would end up rushing around doing housework, cooking, shouting at/getting cross with the children and my husband and generally exhausting myself.  In comparison, driving for an hour and a half would be a breeze, I thought.  Plus it’s the only time really when Y doesn’t have his nose stuck in a book/t.v./computer (although he took his iPhone of course and had his nose stuck in there for the majority of the time).  AND…there is a NEXT shop there, and looking at clothes is always fun.  Although I have to say, now I am getting into making clothes (albeit very early days), I’m not quite as excited about shopping as I used to be.  I found myself looking at little clothes in the Gap, and thinking, 3000 yen for that?!?!  That would only cost about 700 yen to make, etc. etc.  Gap is a big rip off.

So of course, I have to practice, but how when I don’t get the time in a usual day?  At night?  That would be nice too, but with the whole L no sleeping alone business, my personal time is getting cut shorter and shorter.  Plus I go to the gym most nights.  So now my options are Friday and Sunday nights (no gym), but of course I want more!  Ah well, I will have to try to get things done faster to make time.

We picked up some bargains at the mall.  I got a patterned T from Next, and a tailored pinafore with a bubbly skirt bottom (let me know if you know what this is called, as I’m fairly sure it’s not called that) which I wasn’t sure about, but was reduced from 10,000 yen to 3,000 yen.  I couldn’t not get it.  It has a boned bodice and a really flattering shape.  Plus the bubbly part hides my hips 😉  It will be one of those going out pieces that sits in my wardrobe until I have an occasion for it.  Or one day I will just say “sod it” and wear it for the nursery run.

I picked up 5 tops for L and 7 tops for H, the above all for 11,000 yen because of the sales, plus a 5% discount, PLUS (and this was the surprising bit) a further 5% “rainy day” discount.  LUCK!!!  That would NEVER happen in the U.K.  But it was a crazy rainy day.  At one point I was doing 60km/h on the motorway because otherwise I simply couldn’t have seen anything.  L and H had fun with their brollies and wellies, but L ran off on several occasions, so we had to borrow a pushchair (we’d left ours in the car) and strap him in.  They both fell asleep in the car on the way home at around 4p.m., so bedtime didn’t really happen until 10p.m., which was a bit of a nightmare. 

Today, H was off nursery because she has a slight fever and the beginnings of a cold along with L, so it was just me, L and H today.  Didn’t go too badly.  We played with play doh, ugh, big mess, spirograph, my little pony stuff from my sister Alex, watched Thomas and Kipper on the HD and when all indoor resources had been exhausted, we went outside and played on the bikes.  Well, the children played on the bikes, I just sat on our outside benchy thing and drank hot coffee.  It’s COLD again today!  I love it!  H wore her new trousers which I eventually finished last night.  And although I put some jersey in the pockets so she can warm her hands in there, the fabric is a little thin for the colder weather.  The next pair I make may have a complete jersey lining…

So while I was outside I started pondering the passing of time.  It seems I spend too much time waiting for something to happen, instead of living a bit more.  I wonder what I can do to “live”.  Then I think that the everyday mundanities ARE living.  Then I feel down at the thought of that.  I think I need a job as a distraction more than anything.  I feel as if I am always telling the children to do things quickly.  I am impatient to move on to what?  The next thing that I am going to be impatient about?  It’s all very confusing.  I hate the thought of wasting time, but it gets me a bit stressed inside.  All this rushing around.  I feel uneasy if I just sit.  I think I have ants in my pants.  I should let thoughts develop instead of just touching the surface with them.  Even as I right this, I’m thinking that I should hurry up so I can do something else.  Am I getting ADD in my old age?!?!  Does that even happen XD ?!?!




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