Three in a bed







I had a great workout at the gym last night.  Because Monday was a national holiday, I couldn’t go to the gym, so my motivation was really high (the fact that I was one kilo up on the scales helped with that too).  Y’s work took him to a hospital in our town, so it meant that he could get home just after 5:30, which was a full hour and a half before we arrived home from work/picking the children up from temporary daycare.  I’d marinated some chicken and prepped some vegetables, so it didn’t take me long to get food on the table for dinner, and after a super quick shower, which was highly necessary by the amount of dirt from the sandpit that came off L’s feet (and also H’s hair thanks to L’s free sand play).   

So I left Y with a crying L, who finds it ridiculously unfair to have to be upstairs when I am downstairs, and head off for the gym at 8:30, meaning I was there for 9p.m.  The gym was PACKED because it’s Zumba night.  This is something that I’ve always wanted to do, but it’s so hardcore, I don’t think I could jump around like that for a whole hour.  And the instructor is a good looking fit man who I would rather didn’t witness my passing out/throwing up/drenching the whole room with sweat.   

I did my usual workout, 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes resistance training, and 10 minutes on the jiggle plate machine.  I felt great, despite being tired, because I knew that I’d worked my hardest.  These days, although I’ve still been going to the gym five nights a week, my heart hasn’t really been in it, but hopefully from now on, it will be again.   

So I come back home to find everything pretty much as I left it, except that instead of Y and L lying down in L’s bed, they are both asleep in mine.  Y got up and started doing some paperwork, and I went off to bed.  How I wish I could have my own space again without being kicked in the head or slapped around the face (I’m talking about L here, although Y still keeps me awake with his bear snores and I can no longer whack him to get him to roll over because L is in the way.  L has been doing this for about a month now.  He can’t bear to be without me.     

When L woke up at around 3a.m., and left the room, I was stunned.  Wow, he’s going back to his own bed, I thought.  WRONG.  Minutes later he came back with his pillow, threw it on the bed, and then completely ignored it and tried to go back to sleep ON me.  Great.   

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to show some pics of Y’s latest project.  He made the beam himself, painted it (with the second colour choice after I’d sent him back to the shop with the horrid sky blue he’d come home with), and fixed it all up.  I have to say, it’s not my immediate choice for furnishings in our daily living space, but the children adore it.  On the plus side, he put two extra hooks on there for me to hang up the laundry when it rains..he then added, “or for a hammock”…wha~?!?!  Our house is turning into a hippy pad.   

Also including some other pics of our bike ride the other day.  I say bike ride, but it was really more of a walk on the way home because those hills are a real killer.  Y hates it.  He hates when I mention getting on the bikes at all.  He says he likes exercise, but he likes being able to say, ok, that’s enough now, let’s go and eat something.  He wants to just be able to quit right then.   

Anyway, L is napping now, I’ve had a good morning organising stuff and using the new storage boxes/baskets I bought, although nowhere near finished, so I’d better get back to it before it’s time to pick up the little miss.  I’m hoping the typhoon will bring cooler weather from tomorrow so I can finally stop using the air conditioner..   






4 thoughts on “Three in a bed

  1. You should totally try Zumba, I’m a convert myself. I’ve never been much in to classes, running and weight training have always been my thing but I’ve start doing Zumba on Tuesday nights and Latin Beat classes on Wednesday and I love it! Just stick to the back row like I do and ignore all the hardcore Zumba crazies and you’ll be ok.

  2. oh my gosh!! i want one!!!! i would totally be in there doing flips and crazy stuff with your kids! i dream of being able to put a hammock up in my house! well, actually, i’d love a yard with some trees to hang a hammock from, but i will take a put-up-only-when-you-want-to-swing-in-it hammock to tide me over. i love it!! i also love the sneak peak into your house – love the layout. yeah, i’m a nerd – i actually look at house layouts for fun…!

  3. Michelle – in theory, that’s a good plan, but in our gym, the studio back row is the entrance from the main gym, and is covered in windows XD So I suppose middle row would be my best bet. But I don’t think I would enjoy it, to be honest, just because it’s such a tough looking workout there. I thought about getting the dvd set and doing some at home first, to build up my energy levels. Looks like a good workout though, eh? More fun than traditional aerobics.

  4. j – Ha ha, thanks 😉 I tried the rings, but got a bit scared. Didn’t mind the hanging upside down, but I couldn’t bare the flipping for some reason…I have to say I am a hammock lover too. Just seems a bit intrusive looking, but it’s all good 😉 Yeahhhh, I have a lawn, but no big trees. I used to have a hammock on a metal frame that I could just put out in the garden. You could get one of those and put it on your balcony XD Oh, and you are so not a nerd for loving housing layouts. I love them too!

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