Roll on Tomorrow

Ugh, today is a horrid day.  We went to see an Alphonse Mucha exhibition in Takasaki  On the way, Y started talking about going to see a financial planner to “see how much money we need for the future”.  I hate these conversations.

I know that it might be a good idea.  But I still can’t shake the fact that I’m in charge of the finances, so it means I’m not doing a good enough job.  Also, Y talks about how we should save more money.  I calmly explain to him (seething inside), that we can’t save what we don’t have.  I save less than 10% of our income each month.  It’s something.  Our bills total up to about 40% of our income.  These include utilities, childcare, tax, insurance, phone bills, NHK (t.v. license) and other necessary stuff.  Things neither I or Y are willing to give up: t.v., internet, mobile phones, gym.  I don’t spend a huge amount of money on a daily basis.  I drink water most of the time, I try to buy the cheapest products in the supermarket, although I suppose I do buy a lot of bread, which does cost, but I don’t think it really breaks the bank.  So I am annoyed about it all.  And mostly annoyed when after not going into the exhibition because it’s too expensive to enter, eating p.b. rolls that I made at home on a bench outside a boutique, and having a silent stroll around the shops feeling poor, my husband turns around and says, “I don’t think we need to worry so much about money.  Let’s go out drinking tonight?” 

The mind boggles.

So after our frugal day, including a mammoth bike ride, I am now sitting down at 9p.m., having just got L off to sleep, about to start working on a pair of trousers for little miss, with some front pockets and hopefully a few more pretty touches with fab fabric.  It has been waaaaay too long since I have sewn something, and I need to feel good about SOMETHING today.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Roll on Tomorrow

  1. thanks for your comment. and, i’m letting out a big commiserating sigh… ><

    i set up my make-shift photo set and took pictures of things i've made recently so i could "feel good about SOMETHING today" too. can't wait to see the cute pants!! 🙂

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