Sport’s Day prep.

The other day, H got sent home with these:

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.  When I have to decorate something the size of a pin (ok, so they are a little larger than a pin, but you get my point), and then dance around with my child like a loony.  This year, I have been instructed to show up for “practice” wearing a white T-shirt and a bandana…oh mercy…

So I bought ribbon from the 100 yen shop because last time I decorated plastic bottles for H’s dance, it was 10 minutes before we left for nursery on the deadline day (thanks Y).  They were covered with stickers, mostly free ones from the doctor…We had been told to decorate them without lots of protrusions, but of course, when we arrived at the nursery that morning, there were bottles with protrusions aplenty.  Very elaborate.  So this time, after being told to get “orange ribbon” by the little Miss, off I went to Daiso.  It took me a while.  I always imagine ribbon to be in the sewing section, but is in the gift wrapping and origami section…of course.  So I found some plain orange and then lots of snazzy stuff and made sure it was all co-ordinated.  This is what I got:

And wouldn’t you know, upon showing H my purchases, she opted for the “least exciting” ones..and then we decided to put some stickers on the bally bits at the ends.  No doubt there will be flashier ones there, but me?  As long as H is happy with her choice, I don’t care 😉


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