"before"..I just had loads of fabrics in carrier bags scattered across the other side.

I hate to start with a remark about the weather…but being British and used to such conversation starters, I have to say, that it is one extreme to the other today.  Yes,  I am COLD.  And I don’t mean, a bit chilly and thinking about putting on some long sleeves, but wearing long sleeves and a jacket cold.  Last week it was 39 degrees.  At least that’s what my car thermometer said, and I believe it.  Today it read 19.  How is that even possible?!  A 20 degree drop in a matter of a week!?!  Just plain odd.  That’s typhoon season for you.  Not that I’m complaining.  Bring me rain and cold over sultry inescapable heat any day.  Well at least that last part wasn’t very British…

Now the weather talk is over with.  I’m finding it hard to find time for sewing and even blogging these days.  I still go out to the gym at every possibility, and Y is managing to come home at earlier times these days, so it means although I can get my firegazing time and some exercise, I don’t have time for updating here or sewing.  I’ve tried sewing in the day time.  It took me all day to finish a pair of L’s trousers…and at the end of it, the house was a state and L was pissed off because I wasn’t talking to him.  So these days, I try to get the housework done (not doing so well lately) and try to find time once it’s done.  Of course this rarely happens due to L’s regressive sleep pattern.  He is currently sleeping in my bed, after I lay reading my book while he went to sleep.  Otherwise, he would be screaming his head off right now.  I know the rules, and I know that they work, but sometimes, I just give in.
Last Sunday, I had the crazy spontaneous idea to go to Ikea.  We wanted to pick up some shelf/drawer unit for the playroom, and it’s about time for another visit anyway.  I mainly wanted storage boxes, and of course fabric.  But as ALWAYS happens at Ikea, by the time I get to the fabric section, I have just had enough and can’t be bothered.  I hate the whole d.i.y. with the fabric cutting and weighing too.  I’m lazy.  I never use self-service petrol stations either…  I picked up some lovely fabric in the childrens section, which was already on a roll and just ready to pop into the trolley.  I think it’s about 1.5m x3m for 999 yen, so it’s a great bargain.  It was advertised as upholstery fabric, but it’s not all that thick, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.  H’s idea is to make dolly clothes…yuk…Then I ended up just getting one fabric from the self service place.  I had seen it on their website and always thought it looked great, but was a bit disappointed at the texture.  The pattern is still great though.  I definitely see a bag in it…(in the pic. second tier from the bottom, third one down, underneath gloomy bear).  While walking round, I saw a clothes shelf hanger,  one of those things that ties onto the pole in the wardrobe and hangs down with shelves on it (see pic.), which I thought would be great for storing my fabric.  I had fabric everywhere in the top half of the playroom cupboard.  It really was a big fat mess.  Now I got it out, it’s a little too long for the space, but it still serves the purpose, and is probably better, as I can just put the heavier fabric in the bottom.  So now I have a great storage area, scraps in the basket box, interfacing, patterns, unfinished projects and other boring stuff on the shelves.  Looks so much better, and now I realise how much fabric I have…So time to stop buying and to start using what I actually have!  Now all I need is time 😉

"After" My organised little fabric cupboard


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