Hair – not so different, bedroom – all change!


Today I got woken up at what felt like 2a.m…oh, hang on, it WAS 2a.m., with L and yes, you guessed it, his pillow..although this time he also brought a cushion for some reason.  Bleary eyed, I settled him next to me and promptly fell back to sleep.  Then five minutes later, it was time to get up.  Y had got up with the children ten minutes earlier, while I sorted out their and my clothes for the day, then came downstairs to the house in a bombsite (oops, forgot about that last night), Y reading manga, and the children going slowly emptying every toy box into the living room.  I gently (yeah, right) reminded Y that I had a hairdressers appointment at 9 this morning, so I would need him to help with the breakfasts.  I straightened my hair – well of course I have to style my hair so when I get there they can wash it all out – ate some cereal, tidied round, put the washer on and then left.  Of course I was fifteen minutes early, but they all saw me arrive and were waiting to greet me inside.  I couldn’t sit in the car for longer than a minute without feeling rude for keeping them hanging on when they were all prepared…how Japanese of me.  So in I went.  S san, my hairdresser was waiting for me.  She did a fairly good job on my trim last time, although it wasn’t really what I wanted.  She left a lot of volume in the back, and didn’t cut into the layers at all.  It was all kind of rounded boblike for my liking.  So this time, I decided to take photos.  I had Y take photos after the first time I’d had it cut in Tokyo, because I knew I would have to go elsewhere and do lots of explaining.  It turns out they came in handy.  It was kind of embarrassing though.  Ok, here’s the side, and the other side, and the back.  But she seemed grateful, so I was glad.  The woman who washed my hair asked me an endless stream of questions.  I am usually most sleepy just a few hours after I wake up in the morning, so was enjoying the lying down to have my hair washed and almost falling asleep, and every time, some question jolted me back into the land of the living. 

“Is the water temperature ok?”
“It’s ok”
“Is the pressure ok?”
“It’s ok”
“Where’s your husband today?”
“He’s at home with the kids.”
“Is your head itchy?”
‘Eh, what??!?!?  Are you implying I have some kind of infestation!??!’ 
According to Y, if you say yes, they will rub your scalp for you.  Oh..that would have been nice.  I love the part when they start putting their hands on my head like one of those toy catchers in the arcade.  It’s over so quickly though.  Next time I will tell her I have an itchy head…just to see what happens.
Then came the cut, and just as she was finishing up, I knew I was going to have to ask her to make some changes…ugh…awkward.  So I (again, in a very Japanese way) thanked her, said it was nice, but that I’d like to make it a little lighter at the back.  She put my cloak back on, and then cheerily set to work..but I could sense a little tension.  She finished again…I asked her for more again…ok, it’s the last time, I thought, even though I still thought she should be making those top layers shorter.  But I also didn’t know if that would make the cut look stupid, so I am always a little bit wary of asking for too many little changes, because usually the hairdresser knows best.
Later on today, and I’m warming to it, although it still feels a little heavy.  I think I might just want a different cut.  Long fringe and layer on top and really short at the back.  Will do some research and decide for next time.  I usually head off to Sinden in Tokyo for my highlights, because I am in great need of toner, or it’s just orange, and have never found a good colourist elsewhere.  But it’s so pricey there, and just getting there too.  Plus it means I am out for the whole day and Y finds it a real challenge to look after the children alone.  A friend of mine told me there is another salon in Gunma where they use toner, so I might give that a go next time.
The hairdresser took an hour, which was lovely.  Then I went off to meet Y and the children in the park near our house.  Y had taken a bag full of manga, with the intention of letting them play and sitting reading it…I swear our parenting styles are at totally different ends of the scale…so we played a bit more, then off to buy food for lunch.  Later on this afternoon, H and I decided it was time to turn her bed upside down into a high bed with space underneath.  Y helped (of course), and I frantically removed the copious amounts of dust from the skirting boards where the solid side of the bed had been..yuk.  And we made a little sanctuary.  I actually feel jealous.  And L’s bed looks a little boring in comparison.  I hope he doesn’t have bed envy.  He already preferred her bed to his.  We practiced climbing up and down the ladder, and L decided to do a circuit, by climbing up the little drawers at the side of the bed, entering from the wrong side, nad then down the ladder…typical.  But today, watching him do scary things with Y, I realised that I need to let him practice the scary stuff in order for it to be safer.  By the end of it, he was a climbing pro.
H requested yorkshire puddings for dinner tonight.  Well, actually, she said, “oxshire puddings”, but she meant yorkshires…So I decided to do some roast potatoes, chicken, steamed veg. and gravy to make a kind of sunday dinner.  Ugh, I kind of wish I hadn’t.  I started at quarter to four, and didn’t get the dinner served until just before six.  I felt bad for my mother making a sunday dinner every…well, every Sunday, and that had all the roast hassle.  Then we all just used to get up and leave her sitting at the table with the dirty dishes…horrid children we were.But it was YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMY.  And the “oxshires” were a big hit, as ever. 
My photos today are kind of grainy because they were all taken with my iphone and not my camera.  Bless, I sent Hannah to get my camera, and when she couldn’t find it, she told me that my phone would do the job.  I also wrote this whole post with a sleeping L on my lap.  This clinginess may be tooth related..whatever it is, although I love his huggles, I hope the not falling asleep without me ends.  Right, off to the gym!  No rest for the wicked…have to burn off the yorkshires and roasters 😉



Luka’s “boring bed”

2 thoughts on “Hair – not so different, bedroom – all change!

  1. I take photos with me to the hairdressers too- but like you, they never take enough of the volume out. Sometimes I don`t really notice til I get home though and wash it myself…

    Lol, and Y`s parenting style sounds like Shun`s! Maybe you and I are more similar?

    Your hair looks nice though- I like the longer bits at the front

  2. Thanks Lulu. I know what you mean about the hair. It’s hard to tell how and why it’s different until you get home and start trying to live with it/style it yourself. My Tokyo cuts, she took out a lot of volume just behind my ears, so I could scoop the long front pieces behind my ears while I was doing housework/gardening, etc., because the other woman left that bit thicker, it all kinds of falls down and drives me mental! I kept the front long from the first cut so that I can have the benefit of a shorter cut, but still with a bit of length to frame my face. I look like a boy with really short hair XD I am kind of frustrated, but I think I will give her one more chance now I kind of know what to say for the next time. After that, I might go elsewhere. There are quite a few places that are nervous about cutting too much off, and she’s kind of nervous. I suppose I could request another stylist at the same place, but I would feel bad for her then!

    As for parenting styles, he is very relaxed, and I am nervously attentive. I think it’s a male/female thing. My head is full of what the playground.

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