Monkey Pants and garden renewal!

the finished product. I made the waistband with chunkier elastic this time.

the back, with the little pocket
I asked him to model them for me, but he just wanted to do this…
finally this…
…and this

Today brings lovely cool(ish) autumnal weather.  The sun was hot midday, but still more bearable due to the nice breeze.  I at least didn’t have to turn on the air conditioning today, which hasn’t happened since May.  I opened all of the windows, and then realised how overlooked we are, despite having no houses behind ours, the dining room window is smoked glass and slides open, so then we are in full view of the neighbouring farmer..complete with a view of his compost heap.  Nice. 

Today I planned to make some jersey trousers/leggings for L.  I made a pattern from his leggings, but made it more flarey in the leg.  The jersey I used was slightly harder to work with than the last lot.  It needed a little more “help” getting through the machine, and rolls at the edges.  This is a bit of a pain, but also a good thing.  It doesn’t fray, so I didn’t even bother finishing off any of the seams apart from the hem and waistband.  So on and off, it kind of took me all day to get them finished.  I made a little pocket on the back as a detail, and also as an easy way to tell the front from the back.  I think it adds to the look too.  I wasn’t really bothered about matching up the stripes (yet again), but made them horizontal, which I think looks really cute on the little ones.  They don’t have to think about the whole looking fat business, of course.  Well they turned out nicely, although I would have liked them to fit a little more tightly on the legs.  I think I will have to be a bit more daring on the next pair.  I always cut for bigger seams, “just in case”, but then never adjust as I’m going along.  It’s hard enough to try them on my little model for fitting the elastic, I doubt he would let me do anymore.  So they are like “monkey pants”, or at least that’s what they call them here.  I have no idea why though?  Maybe easy to be monkey-like?  I will have to make another pair for madam of course.  I have loads of material left.  Much cheaper than buying those kind of trousers, which are pretty pricey!  I’d say I can make 4 or 5 pairs from the fabric which cost me 500 yen. 

So in between all the trouser making and L loving, I sorted out the garden today too.  The morning glory that has been growing up the playroom window has provided lots of lovely shade during the heat of August, but today, it decided to fall down.  Probably the weight of it was too much for Y’s gentle tying to the balcony.  I scrabbled to get it all off the periwinkles and the other flowers that I’ve forgotten the names of, and ewww, loads of big fat caterpillars with a strange horn type thing.  Y informed me that they become beautiful butterflies, but yuk..gross.  I have decided I’m not a fan of these climbing things.  They just harbour all kinds of nasties, and are so scratchy and high maintenance.  So they all got uprooted and shoved in a bin bag (only just, there were loads of them).  The sunflowers were really drooping and looking yuk, so I uprooted those too, but that was pretty hard going.  I felt like the old man in the enormous turnip story.  Then, on an uprooting roll, I went for the edamame (soy beans).  These are horrid.  Again, those strange bug things, ALL over them.  And when you get near the plants, these things fly AT you.  I got H to help me here.  She is a lot braver than I am (what a wuss I am) and wanted to help out.   

So all of this lovely space to plant the seeds that I bought ready to plant at the end of last month.  I sat outside while the children played out on their bikes (love that we live in a cul-de-sac) checking on wikipedia about these plants.  I had no idea that morning glory was a climber, or that the zinnia would grow so tall, so I decided to research this time.  The violet seeds went near the herbs, the bellflowers behind that as they need shade and grow tall.  The poppy seeds at the front of the house to give them plenty of strong sunshine, but also at the back as they grow tall too.  Then the forget-me-nots in front of the poppies, because apparently they prefer shade, but do very well in sunlight too.  Plus I think they will look much nicer surrounded by other flowers.  I marked them all out and told Y where they are in an attempt to prevent him pulling them up when they appear thinking that they are weeds.  Apart from the violets, which should flower in November, all of the others should come up next spring, so it’s a bit of a trial to remember where they are, but I’m hoping the markers will do their job.  I didn’t take any pics today, but will take some tomorrow, as some of the flowers are getting a new lease of life with the cooler weather and all of the rain we had the last couple of days.  My rose bush shows no progress though..I think it’s dying 😦  Can’t win them all I suppose… 


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