close up of the lovely stuff..
and another
I especially love this one!
Throw in the same pattern but different colour that I used to make L’s hippy pants. The fabric is lovely and airy, plus interesting patterns and lots of seamed edges ūüėČ

I’m not sure why I went to the craft shop today…Oh yes, because it’s near the import shop that I went to that sells¬†1.5 litres of¬†soda water for 88 yen.¬† These days, Y is mad about whisky highballs, and I resent the amount of 500ml bottles and that they cost the same price as the big ones.¬† Plus I’ve been snaffling it to drink with orange juice, so just to keep the peace, I have to keep the soda water flowing.¬†

So obviously, I didn’t need much of an excuse to “drop by” the craft shop, just to check what bargains they had on offer, of course.¬† I have kind of given up buying stuff off the bolt, because it’s just too pricey.¬† If I have a special project in mind, then that’s a different thing, but it’s much more satisfying to see what I can make from what I have, in a kind of ready steady cook way.¬† Most of the things I bought today won’t work together…or will it..;) ?¬† There are three lovely patterned cloths that I have to decide what to do with, and then some¬†broadcloth for linings¬†and some more boring block blue and brown jersey for more “grown up” stuff.¬† I found some printable label cloth too, so am going to try that out, if only to make it easier to tell which is the back and the front of trousers XD¬† I spent around 3000 yen, which is probably more than I should have, but it’s a less expensive hobby than going out drinking, so I have to think about it relatively.¬†

Oh, and it’s kind of hot today again.¬† Although there is definitely a breeze, which makes things a lot easier to deal with, and I’m afraid to say, in case I jinx it again, but fingers crossed.¬† Tomorrow I have a hair appointment at 9 a.m.¬† I’m VERY happy with this, because I can’t stand sitting there for hours getting my hair done.¬† I just want a trim after all, and it’s much needed, even though it’s been just around 6 weeks.¬† I hate it when my hair starts crawling down my neck.¬† Back when it was long, at least I could tie it back, but it’s just annoying now, and a sweat trap..ewww…I didn’t mind the last woman, even though she didn’t really do what I wanted.¬† My hair is really thick at the back, and I got¬†it cut into to make¬†it much lighter with my original cut.¬† The Tokyo cut is so much better, but I can’t justify the expense every six weeks, so I’m just going there a couple of times a year to top up my highlights and then go locally the rest of the time.¬† So this time, I will take photos, which I find quite embarrassing, even though it kind of gives them a better idea of what I’m after.¬† Then hopefully, even though her scissor hand is painfully slow, she will get what I want and I can just keep going back and saying “same again please”, until I get bored and want something else.¬† ¬†

No lessons again this weekend..ouch for my pocket, but happy for the family time.  Weekend is pretty much here!  Have a good one. 


2 thoughts on “Goodies!

  1. Ready, Steady, Cook! Is this a reference to the fabulous BBC program? Oh how I miss that show. Good memories of working in London and always tuning in from my desk, the perks of working in TV. I’m totally jealous of your amazing sewing skills, I can barely sew a button on. Hope you and the fam have a nice weekend.

  2. Michelle – but of course! Although I only ever really watched it when I was a university student. Thanks! Although, you know, I haven’t been sewing for long at all…I was pretty good at the button sewing though…;) Hope you have a nice weekend too!

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