No.Sleep.’til Brooklyn..

Today’s weather is HEAVENLY!  After getting as excited as a child on Christmas morning, I slid open the windows, and breathed in…ahhhhh pouring rain and CRISP air!  I woke Y up.  “Y, I think summer might be over!”  Every year it’s the same.  And then every year someone points out to me that I’m wrong and that actually it’s just a typhoon passing through..then it gets crazily hot again for at least another unbearable week.  Arghhhh, enough!!!

This morning, after dropping H off, L and I drove to a shoe shop that I’ve always been curious about.  They have a lot of european stuff, and I wanted to see if they had anything narrow for L (and H too, because they are both cursed with my narrow feet).  Ah, and have something they certainly did.  Some lovely little shoes from Daumler (I think that was the name) and Richter.  L walked in them, decided he didn’t like the first pair.  His current pair have Thomas on them…damn this character obsession here.  So it was a real trial to get him to try anymore on.  Then I looked at the price tag…OUCH! 

17,000 yen for a pair of toddlers shoes…

I thought a price that big deserved a line of it’s own.  Now I understand that good things cost money, but that would keep L in shoes for a year and a half at the very least with the shoes we buy locally.  So I thanked the woman, said I would have to think about such a big purchase, and legged it back to the car, where I immediately jotted down the brand names and the sizes.  Having looked on the net tonight, I find not only can I get shoes cheaper in the U.K., but the quality is just miles above.  Shoes here are pretty much just trainers.  And wide.  Grrrr. I know how it feels to wear shoes that are too wide.  And it affects loads of stuff.  Just seeing L running in those shoes today made me happy.  So the alternative is online.  Because there are some alternatives that don’t cost the earth, but offer narrow fittings and lovely quality/design.  I suppose I will just have to order and then return if they aren’t right.  Shoes are an important thing in terms of development.

So here I sit, typing, while L, who has been sent downstairs so that H can “get some sleep” after he was just crying and crying.  I know I should persevere with him upstairs, but it’s just such a hard time for H. 

Let’s hope tomorrow brings more cooler weather and a calmer sleepier L 😦


2 thoughts on “No.Sleep.’til Brooklyn..

  1. Occasionally in your posts, I get little glimpses of your house. It is just gorgeous. I love the colors (like the roller curtain behind you in the first picture). One day I would love to see more. You seem to have a wonderful sense of style.

  2. Thanks Sarah! The curtain you see in the background is a roman blind. I love them! Makes the room seem much bigger in the day time, but adds a nice pattern at night.

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