Gardens and their lovelies…and uglies…


morning glory makes a good shade for the playroom, but getting it straight on the strings is a pain. The leaves and stems are so scratchy!

it has wings
It’s back body looks like a spider or an ant, but definitely an insect

Last night I got home from the gym late.  Y came home at 10p.m., and it was a case of “hello..goodbye”.  My gym closes at midnight, but the actual studio closes at 11:30, and then the extra half an hour is for bathing and changing.  It takes me about 20 minutes to drive there and my membership is from 9p.m.  In an ideal world, I would go at 8:30 every night, but this is not an ideal world, and I’ll take what I can get thanks.  So I got home at just before half past midnight.  Then I heard talking on the baby monitor, Y, H AND L…oh dear.  

The night before, I had hardly slept.  L refused to nod off before 10p.m., and ironically, I had decided not to go for my work out so that I could have an early night.  I got my early night at 10, but was woken up constantly throughout the night by one child or the other.  I slept in my own bed, in my son’s bed, in my daughter’s bed, on the floor.  I wasn’t fussy, I just wanted sleep.  Instead I got, “Mummy, I had a bad dream that the bus was driving in my bed”, “Mummy, I’m thirsty” and the classic and oh. so. not funny, L crashing the door open and SCREAMING, then running over to my bedside and whacking me in the face.  Self-control is being pushed this week, that’s for sure.  So last night, I was just not in the mood.  Our air conditioner broke a couple of days ago, so it’s been a bit crappy at night.  I like to at least have it set on an hour’s timer to go to sleep with.  After that, the room is cool enough to be bearable.  So I think that didn’t help the non-sleeping situation.  So last night, we put futons down in the childrens’ room (we could barely fit two inside and one was overlapping the other) and decided to just sleep there.  I know it’s no good to change the routine from experience, but I also know that a tired me is not a pleasant person to be around.  And it wasn’t too bad.  It took L a while longer to nod off, but nod off he did, and other than having a tiny space and a horizontal L to make it even smaller, I had a relatively good sleep.   

Today, I decided that this late afternoon napping of L’s had to stop.  He is a stubborn thing and refuses to be put down alone for a nap.  He will however, sleep really well in the car.  So we drove off to the library.  I saturated him with lullabies on the car stereo, and he fell asleep.  I sat in the car outside the shop with a magazine and a coffee while he snoozed.  After nap and library, we went off to eat lunch with Y.  It was nice to have a semi-calm lunch together.  Especially as I have hardly seen him this week. 

After I picked the children up, I decided that the plants were in great need of a watering.  We haven’t had rain for a while, and the car thermometer read 40 the other day.  Oh. Jesus. 

So there I was, being ruthless and cutting down loads of basil (we had like four plants all almost waist height.  I am sick of basil), lemon balm (great smell, but spreads and bushes up woody before you can blink), dead sunflowers :(, weeds, some of the morning glory and oops, a periwinkle grown from a seed that I had given up on…damn.  So then I got to the edamame.  Y is reluctant to harvest these, as he thinks they will grow bigger, but to me, they look as if they are on the way out.  When I started to water, the usual creatures scattered; crickets, ladybirds, moths, frogs, spiders, and then ewwwww, the edamame is just covered with all of these horrid…things.  I have NO idea what they are.  Maybe I should google it…but they are just so gross.  I couldn’t even spray them off with the hose.  Seems so sinister to me that there are insects that only like a certain plant.  They are ripping the leaves to bits.  So this weekend, or sooner, those plants are getting uprooted.  See what you think of these nasties. 


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