Jersey Heaven

Four jersey pieces and two little normal cotton ones on sale

The finished product – I created a pattern by drawing around the pieces of an existing pair of shorts.

And I’m not talking about the island in the Channel…

I bribed Y into letting me go to the craft shop.  His part of the deal was that he stay in the car with a sleeping L and his iPhone complete with geek game.  Y had requested jersey p.j. shorts, and never having worked with jersey before, but really wanting to, I had to go and buy some.  For some reason, I had heard it was harder to sew with, and I could imagine it was maybe that it has to be guided through the machine a little more forcefully. 

I found the jersey aisle..urghh, just a little aisle in a whole warehouse of other loveliness.  I picked up a bolt of plain grey jersey and looked around for other things.  Magic of magic things, there was a whole shelf stand type thing full of the stuff…there was a jersey SALE!  140cm x 110cm for 500 yen O_O  The icky thing was that there was only baby print fabric or stripey.  I thought, ah well, if I don’t care about the way the stripes are coming together too much, it shouldn’t be that hard.  And at 60% less than the stuff on the bolt, I thought it would be silly to not go for it.  So thinking that the sale wouldn’t last forever, of course I piled it all into the basket..naughty.

And then last night, I made him the p.j. shorts just in time for bed.  And whoever said jersey was tough was lying.  Next are mine!


4 thoughts on “Jersey Heaven

  1. They turned out great! Looks very comfty!

    Next time you are in Tokyo you will have to go to Nippori for some fabric shopping perhaps? So much to choose from there!

    • Thanks Lulu! The fabric for those has a kind of built in lining, so very cosy! Bit too warm for the moment though, but Y is always cold. Ooh, Nippori has lots of fabric stores? I’ve only ever been there to visit a friend who lived nearby or en route to the airport!

  2. nippori has a whole street of fabric and other novelty stores. it’s fabulous and dangerous all at the same time! if you’re ever in the neighborhood, definitely check out a store called Tomato.

    i haven’t quite figured out the secret to smooth jersey sewing. when i’ve used it before, it bunches up in places and the seams aren’t very pretty…is there a secret?

    as for my labels: i bought some iron on paper that looks like fabric (at…tomato, in nippori!) and printed out a whole page of little j’s. then i ironed them onto the front side of a folded piece of ribbon. then i just sandwich the folded ribbon between the two sides and voila! 🙂

    • Thanks for the label tip! I would never have thought of doing that, but I’ll definitely give it a go! As for the paper, is it like interfacing or the iron-on name labels?

      This was my first time working with jersey, so I didn’t do anything differently/special. But it was definitely easy, so maybe that particular fabric was just particularly kind. It did have a lining on it (also jersey), so maybe that helped too? I especially love the fact that it doesn’t seem to fray at all.

      Wow, the Nippori street sounds great! It’s things like that that I miss Tokyo for, although my pocket will probably thank me at the same time!

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