More hippy pants and splashing about

This weekend is the last weekend of the summer before the outdoor pools close up until next year.  To make the most of this, we of course went to the pool.  Not all that willing to go back to the one nearest our house (remember I said about the ground being so hot that Y actually burned his feet?), I found another one nearby in the local “what to do with the children in the summer hols.” magazine.  Ok, so it’s not really called that, but that’s what it’s known as in our house.  I have to say it’s very useful.  Gives lots of free, cheap and not so cheap places to visit/things to do in the area and a little out of it. 

So this is the pool we visited:  If you look at the photo, it has a fairly slow moving slideshow, but shows that there are four main pools, one really shallow pool for babies (they can actually crawl it’s so shallow at one side), one for young children, about half a metre deep, one for lane swimmers, and then one that loops around the outside and has a current, but is about 1 metre deep.  I liked this one the best.  I think it’s so weird that I can visit a pool and not really swim all that much.  Definitely more of a having fun in the water, and floating like a sloth kind of pool morning.  Then again, with this heat, I’d say it was the best thing we could have done today.  We left our things underneath the bullet train tracks, which made a nice shady spot, and amused L and H whenever a train rumbled overhead.  They had a cafe right next to the pool, so we ate lunch there, and then got bullied into going back in for a little while.  I was so worried about making sure the children were plastered in sunscreen that I forgot to top mine up.  I stupidly wore a short sleeved swimming top too, so as not to burn my shoulders.  So now I have a stupid arm line…gah…When we were leaving, an ambulance pulled up.  Y and I thought it could have been someone with sunstroke.  There was one guy in particular, just lying asleep by the pool in the full sunlight.  Ouch.

So the children loved it.  Especially L who is a water baby through and through.  He nearly fell asleep with his chin on the rubber ring.  Ha ha, his loves, food, Thomas and water..all of which will send him to sleep.  H too, even if Y was a little over-ambitious today with the “see how far you can put your head under the water” thing.  Last time, she successfully managed her whole head, and was pleased as punch the whole day.  Today it was, duck under water and pop back up through the rubber ring..Y doesn’t know when to stop.

So we left the pool, and L was asleep within about 20 seconds of setting off.  I carried him up to bed when we got home and there he slept like a log for two hours.  I have to say, I have been relying on a lot of coffee since we got home too.  So tiring being in the water, and in the sun, I suppose.

As I had made L some hippy pants and not any for H, of course, I had to get the machine out again and whipped up a pair for H.  After the first few pairs of trousers, I think I have the sizing down now.  I was making them too tight before.  I think because the seam allowance was too big also, and this time I just added a centimetre extra all around.  So just right for these bumming around the house and moving about freely trews.  I made the body long, so it wasn’t too tight in the crotch, and also high-waisted and spacious around the legs and hips.  H wanted “shorts”, but we had to settle on cropped because I wanted the little bit of red at the bottom.  H loves them too.  Then Y pipes up, “any chance of some pyjama shorts?”  He wants them in jersey, so that’ll be a new one for me, but I’m very excited, because I really want to start working with it for other clothes, especially the childrens’ trousers and some tops and stuff.  Just can’t let myself go to the craft shop today though.  It’s too late and there is dinner to cook.  Booooo…maybe tomorrow after work 😉


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