Hippy pants and teary mornings

Today was the first day back at kindie after the summer hols.  Well, not really a day, because it was over at 11a.m. today, but you know what I mean.  H was happy enough to be going, although she was a little quiet.  When we got to the school gates, her classmate was there, BAWLING.  I suggested H give her a hug…stupid me.  She went and stood over by her, but classmate was attached to her mother’s leg.  I told H, it’s ok, come back here, to which H started bawling too 😦  Ok, I MUST stop this suggesting business and just leave well alone!  After I told Y about it, he said, maybe they just don’t hug each other here.  That made me feel sad 😦

So, back at home, I put the washer on, half-heartedly cleared the kitchen, and then set to work on making L some more trousers.  I’d bought an Indian throw/wall covering with some elephants on.  Bit loud, but thought it would make a nice comfy pair of baggy hippy pants for him to play around in.  Plus, I wanted to get the pattern right, as the last two pairs have both been a little short in the body.  I think they turned out pretty well.  A little “unique” perhaps, but great to prance around in..and prance he does, hee hee!  Happy hippy pants day, and a happy afternoon from little H 😉


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