Well it’s only 9:30, so not much of a day yet, although housework is pretty much done, and then off to Mumin club soon.  Just wanted to up some pics of the bag, which I’m MUCH more pleased with than the first disaster XD  It’s a scorcher again today, hope it’s not to cold back in the U.K…last I heard people were getting their cardies out?!?!?

I didn't have enough lining, so I made the top fold quite chunky, but I think it looks nicer that way!


6 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Hi, I live in London. The weather is really weird at the moment. Very warm and humid, but also some warm wind and rain. But it’s supposed to get colder this week, so a cardie is a good idea! And an umbrella!

  2. Gorgeous bag! Makes me want to get creative!

    I usually start my photo scrapbooks with a bang only to feel overwhelmed half a day later, where i shovel remaining items into a bag to sort through later 😛 Not a good sign I think…

    Been reading for a while and finally decided to comment and unveil my lurker status.

    Nice to meet you, Joey from Kanagawa.

  3. Hi Joey! Thanks for your comment. I am terrible at keeping up with photos. I have so many just stored on C.D.s, but would like to make up some albums. Maybe some photobooks if I can ever get round to organising the best pics.

    I like making bags because it doesn’t take so long. I find if I can do something all in one sitting, it’s a lot easier to maintain motivation, hence I often stay up later than I should to finish something off!

    Nice to “meet” you too.

  4. It turned out great!!!

    Did you end up getting a serger as well? I really should pull out my sewing machine and make some stuff but by the time Noah is napping I just want to veg on the sofa or at least do some cleaning up. I miss my crafty time! I should pull out the scrapbooking again soon though.

  5. Lulu – thanks! I didn’t get a serger yet. I’m just kind of seeing how it goes with the zigzag, as that takes pretty much the same time as a serger would. But I often end up doing a double fold instead if the fabric frays so badly, but THAT’s so time consuming it would be worth getting the serger. I hear you about the time for vegging or cleaning up. I tend to be a bit more lax about the cleaning these days, even though it drives me mad. I’ll do next to nothing one day, and then a whole load the next, or have a mad tidy evening! I love sewing so much now, that I have to find time for it!

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