Po Po Town

It wasn't just me in here..HONESTLY

The "park"

geek XD


very weird coin operated huge fluffy panda..I would have gone on this, but the seat was insanely hot!


our little steam train

I was much more impressed by the landscape!

We tried to get a steam train for the children today, but it turned out we were too late (as usual) and it had already left.  Instead, Y found a train museum/theme park in Annaka (called Po po town which cracked me up because in german, popo=bum), which is the next city to Takasaki.  It was just 35 kms away, but as the children had been up since around six, and it was then around 10:30, they both ended up going to sleep in the car.  We ate our lunch in the car before the off, as it was HOT again.  Yes, has come back with a vengeance as I knew it would.  I was a bit dubious, yet hopeful about the museum part, more hopeful about the theme park part.  Y seemed to think it would be full of trainspotters, but surprisingly, it was mostly families, and older people who were waiting to take the train near there to the local hot springs.  We had to pay 500 yen each to get in.  The children were free (up until 3), and then we bought a 1000 yen book of 100 yen tickets for the rides. 

When we got through the entrance, it was full of those little coin operated stationery rides, and some Thomas dodgems, which of course H and L had to go on (Percy and Bertie were taken, so instead of fighting over him, L and H both got in Thomas), cha-ching, more money gone..then inside the museumy bit.  This was really so that we could get some air conditioning.  They had a huge model railway in there but if you wanted to see the trains actually move, you had to put coins in.  Not really thinking it was worth 100 yen, we waited around and watched from other peoples money..how sad?  Turns out that the children really weren’t all that bothered though.  We looked around at the displays, pictures and little models, and L was actually quite excited about it all.  H and L talked animatedly about coupling rods, smelters yards and the like..it makes me worry about their future…

We found some train carriages and looked around them, but I don’t really think any of us were that impressed.  The children seemed to like sitting in the driver seats though, so at least that was fun for them.

Then off to find more things that hopefully we could spend our book of tickets on!  There were a load of food stands, more little coin-operated rides and then we came across a steam train that would take us around the park.  This was probably the highlight – yes, it was really poor, even though it went at about 2km/h and took only 5 minutes to circle the park.  Oh, and cost Y and I EIGHT of our tickets O_O  Wow, this is a pricey place for such a little area and for what it is!  I might not be so bothered had we not had to pay to actually get in!  So we blew a last 300 yen for L, H and I to have a ride around a little railtrack on Thomas (evil dirty eyes he had), which was quite funny, and then decided to call it a day.  So today’s outing was technically a bit of a letdown, but we had fun anyway!  Just know not to go again. 

After the children had gone to bed, I set about sorting out the bag for my niece.  The finished product was crap.  I decided that I was trying too hard, and made a simple tote instead, using the handles and pocket from the original, and some other lining as I didn’t have enough of the yellow left 😦  It turned out pretty nicely though and now I’m pleased that I made something nice for her, and will put some goodies in it too.  I didn’t press it yet, so will add pics tomorrow.  It’s now just after midnight, tomorrow I’m flying solo with the babes, off to Mumin club in the morning, and then to find more entertaining stuff for the afternoon, doing the housework, and maybe starting on H’s bed curtains!

We’re off camping on Wednesday and Thursday with MIL and SIL, so have to prepare for that too.  Would you believe that I had totally forgotten about it?!?!  Excited now though 😉



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