Cool, COOL weather!!!

So I didn’t blog yesterday, but technically it was not for the want of trying. My internet was down. I checked all of the connections, the green light was on on the modem, so I wondered if our ISP, who is also the same company as we used to have our mobile phones with, had cancelled the internet contract as well as our mobile one. After Y got home, I went off to the gym, and he took everything out and managed to fix it somehow…so, NO, ha ha! It was NOT my fault that I didn’t blog ;D

Last night it rained, and I actually had to wear a hoody to go out to the gym! Wow, was such a great feeling, but as I said before, strangely tinged with sorrow. But pretty much mostly a great feeling. So here’s me thinking that summer is over, deep down knowing that it’s a fluke, and that the heat and humidity will come back with a vengeance before it’s gone for good.

Today started off a bit crap. I have had PMT for the past few days, and yesterday began what I like to call DMT (d = during), which for me at least, seems to be more and more incapacitating as my years go on. I took paracetamol, and went to take some nurofen later, but then read that you shouldn’t take that if you have or have ever had a stomach ulcer, so that’s out the window.

This morning I woke up (was woken up) at 6a.m., by H and L jumping on me. In usual cases, I wouldn’t really like that much, but with bad cramps and not having slept so well the night before, it was a lot harder to handle! I was craving a McDonalds breakfast for some reason, so off we went. As it was cold from the a.c. inside, we sat in their little garden bit. It’s right next to an A-road, and busy junction, so the noise levels aren’t great, but it’s all fenced off and there is a big childrens play thing there. Like a little padded house to bounce around in and a tube slide. After eating some super cheap muffins, the children went wild in there while we just took it easy. It’s not often I am able to do that, as there aren’t such safe play areas where my over-protective Mummy gene doesn’t get a good workout. I was actually able to READ while they played, ha ha! It must have been really hot in there though, because the children were sweating like mad!! Then surprise of surprises, I met a Facebook friend, “T” in there. I know her through a mutual friend, but have never actually met her, so it was kind of strange for both of us! She told me about a cat cafe that they have in Takasaki where you can go and just play with the cats. Oh and they have fortune telling in there too, but I’ll be giving that a miss. Would like to go, but Y is not really so keen. He is less of a cat person than even I am, I think.

So then on home, where my stomach cramps returned with a vengeance. I tried to do some strenuous super clean fridge and back door (inside and out) later, still painful…one hoovered downstairs, polished sills and floor later, a little better. Hmm, this nesting business is not just pre-labour…I stopped before I went for more spring cleaning type tasks, and broke for lunch. The children played nicely today, but wanting to give them a bit more outside time seeing as the weather was so mild today, we went to the park by bicycle. We stayed there for a couple of hours. L spent about half of that glued to the swing. He is so unbelievably still and quiet on there. He won’t even answer you when you talk to him, but try to get him off and he will scream.

I finished the bag for my niece, and it’s cute, but not really as I’d wanted it. The straps are a bit far apart, and I didn’t use any interfacing, so the middle kind of gapes when the handles are held up. I’m thinking of putting a button or some velcro on, but that will definitely have to wait for tomorrow. Y suddenly decided he wanted to watch Twilight so see what “it’s all about”, hmm, that sounds familiar. Now I think he’s into it too, because as soon as it had finished, he was asking me which sequels were available to rent. It’s now 12:20 and I really really have to go to bed. Fingers crossed that the children don’t decide to wake us up TOO early tomorrow.


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