Today is a bit of a let-down day.  I have officially run out of things to do with the children that don’t wear us all out.  The heat is unbearable.  Even going from the house to the car drives the children insane.  The seatbelts are hot, the metal bits that L usually hangs on to to help himself sit up/down in his chair were so hot that they made him cry this morning.  I saw him going for it, but just couldn’t stop him in time.  I even went out before we left to start the car and a.c. running today, but it didn’t do much good.  I must remember to put the foil shade on the windscreen..not that it helps loads, but it does seem to make some difference.

So this morning, after a poo in his pants and a wee wee on the tatami flooring (when I trained H, we had ONLY tatami flooring, but here, with just one tatami room, that is the one he chose to pee on…playroom, so I suppose it’s to be expected), I decided he needed more pants.  There were some really cute pants, like the kind he has already, but they are 280 yen a pair…then the anpanman, and other character ones are like 980 yen for two…so I picked up some really boring looking white ones, and decided to get some cute little emblems to sew onto them.  They were 380 yen for three pairs, so I would have been foolish to get any of the others.  I got six pairs and six little emblems for just over 1000 yen, so good deal.  EXCEPT…I got them home, took them all out of the packaging, tried them on him, and wow, crazily big 😦  Stupidly went for the 90cm, because the patterned ones he has are 80 and a bit hard for him to pull down.  Of course the cheaper ones come bigger, and the elastic much looser…grr…But as they are just for around the house and not for under clothes, they will do.  I started off this morning with him just running around with a naked bum.  I thought that way would be easier.  Then I remembered he hadn’t pooed yet, and that that could be too much for him to handle for his first nappy-less day.  Plus, he couldn’t leave his bits alone…

It’s my niece’s 18th birthday at the end of this month.  I haven’t seen her or my sister for about nine years…yeah…that’s another story for another time.  So I started making her a little bag (what else?!?) out of some lovely Japanese traditional fabric I found.  I zapped it up with a bright yellow lining and pocket detail, but have yet to finish it.  I’m quite surprised I got as much as I did done today, because the children can’t stand it when I’m busy doing something and not available for hugs/climbing on/fetching food and drink, etc.  I just have to make the handles, and then sew the lining and seams in and it’s done.  I might do a little zipped pouch to go with it for make-up/pens/whatever..I have little idea what she’s into. 

So this day was productive in that sense, but apart from must-dos of cooking/washing up (a.k.a. loading and unloading the dishwasher)/laundry, it has been a crap day in housework…never mind..tomorrow is another day, but I really hope it brings more energy than today did.


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