And the heat goes on…

Ok, I moan about the heat.  All the time.  I think it’s my Britishness.  But then I hear others moaning about it too. 

When it’s bitterly cold I moan.  All the time.  I think it’s my Britishness.  But then I hear others moaning about it too.

So I was wondering, as I often do about such things that nobody can change.  Strange choices that I would have to make if I could.  I have done this since I was young.  Please tell me I’m not the only one?  One example was my friends and I having endless deliberations about whether it would be better to die in extreme heat or in extreme cold.  In fact I must have had this discussion with my Mum too, because I remember (and also while watching Dr. Who, who at the time was dying in the heat..) when I said I would rather die in extreme heat because you can always take your clothes off layer by layer (childish logic)..she said that you suffered more in the heat.  What a truly morbid discussion for a mother and child to have. 

Anyway, back to the point…I was wondering what it would be like to live somewhere that had only spring and autumn.  Of course this is ridiculous, but I was wondering all the same.  I LOVE spring..temperatures are comfortable, lots of fresh air, pretty flowers, days in the park, picnics, etc.  but it is tainted by the fact that summer is just around the corner.  After golden week it all seems to go downhill.  And then I LOVE autumn..nice temperatures, such a relief that the humidity drops, and the leaves are so pretty, and the smell. but it is also tainted by the fact that winter is just around the corner.  To be honest, I think I would miss the hot summer and the cold winter.  Although I’m sure I would miss the hot summer less.  At least not as hot as the 36 degrees that came our way today, which was apparently up a degree in Tokyo.  Unbearable.  I long for winter, but then know that it’s cold here.  The wind sloping it’s way off the mountains and hitting our exposed northern walls head on..I remember last winter, so that means it must have been freezing.  At that time, I remember longing for summer, but also knowing that I wouldn’t really want it when it arrived.

I worked today.  I dropped the children off at daycare and was kind of relieved to see that nobody was playing outside in this heat.  Then I remembered that it was naptime.  L was asleep already, so I handed him over to the teacher and H went inside with them.  Then off to work.  I had a little while before I had to be there, so I stopped off at the shop to pick up some drinks and just hang out in a very cold air conditioned car!  So here I am again, about to MOAN about the loghouse where I have to teach.  I KNOW you know about it, but OMG.  I am thinking of asking for a pay rise just for the summer XD  It’s hotter inside than out, which as you know is not what you expect or want at all.  It’s like a little sauna.  I have two little standing fans to put on in a room with a 15 mat area.  The sliding door is kept almost constantly open, as are the windows, but they are screened, which is funny, because the bugs just come in through the doors..and do they ever.  Today we had a wasp, a bee, a dead bee, some kind of little beetle, and a butterfly.  Nice.  It’s even too hot for the children today.  They were very reluctant to run and jump around with the games, and who can blame them.  Apart from my elementary school class, which went really well today.  We did adjective order (size, colour, object) and I thought of a really fun game which they really enjoyed, despite the sweat, so yay for that!!

When I picked H and L up, they looked done in.  Both of them were sweaty, but hanging from the bars in the playground.  L was eager to show me that he could hang cute!  So the end of the lessons was the greatest!  I have no private student at my house this week, so that’s no pressure to make the house spotless or worry about the children getting bored/naughty during the lesson.  I kind of regret taking that student on, but then there aren’t many students who live near me and are willing to travel to take lessons in my house while my children are there, so that has to be a good point.  And the extra income is always a plus.  Tomorrow I’m going to make a start on a bag for my niece’s 18th, that’s if H and L let me ;D  Hurray for new projects!


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