Hot, Hot, HOT!!!

Today is crazily hot. Not sure of the temperatures, but they are supposedly around 37 degrees today. Yesterday was slightly “cooler” at 36, but still ridiculous. Not wanting to spend the whole day inside with two bored children and a sleepy husband, we left the house at a record 8:45a.m. to drive up to the mountains.

Our first plan was to try to find a park, although we weren’t hopeful on doing that, because neither Y or myself had seen a park near Mt. Haruna, but the lower temperatures inticed us! I took the wheel (Y was only too happy so that he could play/sulk about his iPhone not being configured properly – by the way, to take away the suspense, mine was fine, I had worked it out from the picture instructions which Y hadn’t even read…no wonder it didn’t work. I fixed it for him later and ended the day long sulk).

Well I had forgotten about the road up to the mountain. Winding narrow roads, hairpin bends and magnificent views that scared the hell out of me. Nevertheless, H and I were excited to see the car thermometer temperature drop degree by degree all the way down to 25 from a morning 31!!

We got to the top, searched for a park on the satnav., and then decided instead to go for a coffee first. I was in desperate need after that driving. We went to a local cafe where I had been before when my Mum came to visit. The children had great fun running riot and playing with the floor cushions, while I worried (yes, I worry a lot) about the pair of big fat wasps circling our table. But it was so great to sit and drink a HOT coffee with the windows open and a lovely coolish breeze coming off the lake. Then Y said something I’d rather he hadn’t.

“Let’s rent a boat.” he said. I gazed longingly at the big swan boat with a motor and a driver and lots of windows. He looked at the tiny pedalos that looked as if they had been there for at least 20 years. So I reluctantly agreed as long as Y did the pedalling, and we paid 1,500 yen for a 30 minute pedal on a huge lake. The upside was that the boats were fairly deep and safer than the little swans with the low doors. Neither of us had a watch, but the boy looking after the boats was a junior high-schooler and said he didn’t care if we weren’t back on time.

Despite my initial worries, it was actually quite fun to be out there. H did the steering (meaning we often went around in circles) and Y started pedalling, but after a while, we were both at it. My gym has been closed for a week for Obon, so the exercise was welcomed.

After that, Y drove us home and made us a pasta lunch – bonus! Although I didn’t eat much of it, because I was almost sick on the way home. Combination of the bobbing on the water, the roads, and me sitting in the back of the car.

Y took the children outside after lunch, while he was mowing the lawn, which gave me a chance to clean up and sort out the childrens’ toys, which were in a real state. Their “wheel” box was upsized and everything is much easier for them to put away now. Y’s mother has offered to give us her upright piano, as she never uses it. I really really want it. I haven’t played for ages, and it will be great for when the children have lessons too. The only conundrum is where to put it. If we put it in the playroom, we’ll have to change at least two of the tatami to hard flooring, so we have to really think about that.

Today hasn’t been too bad, despite the weather. We drove out to the electronics shop to buy some car phone chargers, and the children had a little play in their play area. Then I remembered the discount shop nearby has a great play area, so we went to play in there for a little while, then home. Both children get so bored inside the house all day, so it was a good alternative to trying to beat the heat out in the park. Plus I bought a really cute tablecloth to cover the table while the children paint/play with play-doh. Pretty good day so far 🙂


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