Hello new phone…goodbye clear credit card bill…

So our iPhone 4s were ready late this afternoon.  With MIL and SIL very kindly coming over to put the children to bed, Y and I drove off to pick them up.  We had to wait for what seemed like forever for them to really get them ready.  How annoying.  Why couldn’t they have done that before we went?  Anyway, after another shock at the price we had to pay, a little argument and realisation that there had been a misunderstanding between Y and I on the actual cost of these damned phones, we got them 😉  Yay, so complex, yet so pretty and fun at the same time.  Y is now in a mood because firstly, I got all of the fairly complicated wifi set-up, email address changing and picking up my data from the server sorted WAAAY before he did.  Despite the instructions being in Japanese XD  Secondly, he got annoyed when I complained about the cost, saying it was him “buying me” a gift…great..so he earns more than me and all the money is his?  How annoying..ANYWAY, he is asleep on the sofa, as it’s now way past bedtime. 

We didn’t get home until around 10p.m., when the children were STILL awake and making the most of Auntie and Grammy looking after them 😉  A stern word from me, and they were soon asleep.  Probably tired out from running rings around A and G…

The day was great, but am just too tired to write much about it.  We went to the library this morning, then off to Luna park, which is a great old little fixed fair.  Lots of childrens rides for only 50 yen a time, and some little slot machines for just 10 yen O_O  Amazing.  What’s more, there was an announcement came on the tannoy, “the temperature has now reached 30 degrees, there are free bags of ice available at the information counter”  How lovely is that?!?!  So we got one each for the children, and they had great fun rubbing them all over their heads.  A whole morning full of going on little rides (one in particular was a bit jolty for Y and I, but the children couldn’t get enough of it), a quick lunch at the picnic tables, then off home to relax.  Great day!


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