The typhoon that never came…

Today I had promised H and L to go to the park but because of the typhoon warnings, we decided that wasn’t going to happen.  I am a crap mother in summer, because it’s just too hot for me to spend any meaningful length of time outside.  After a few spots of rain this morning, and a tantrum filled lesson teaching (where L fell asleep on my lap..multi-tasking it certainly was), the weather seemed to be hot and sunny, as usual.  But then Y mailed me and told me that the typhoon would hit around noon onwards.  So the children and I went outside and played with the bikes on the street.  L has finally learned to pedal his tricycle by himself, so he doesn’t push himself along on it with his feet on the ground anymore, but the street has a slight incline, so one way is a bit tough still.  “PUSH!” he demands.  I tried to give some tough love today and watched him struggle, get frustrated, shout out and then be shocked into silence when his pedals finally “worked”.

After a little while, I had had enough of the heat.  I found a cheesecake mix in the cupboard, and decided I needed a dish to make it, so we went off to the 100 yen shop, where of course I didn’t just come out with the dish. BUT, I bought some flower seeds (two packets for 100 yen – bargain), as I was shocked to find that there were some that I could plant next month that would flower in the spring.  Yes, I really am learning…I picked up some yellow poppies, bellflowers, forget-me-nots and what’s more, I got some violas that will flower from November, which is VERY exciting as I won’t have to wait long to see the flowers!  Now I should really read more about them all to make sure I choose the right spot for planting.

Ugh – bummer of the day, H’s Thomas trousers split at the bum seam.  Despite making sure I zigzag stitched the seam allowance, the fabric has frayed at the actual seam.  I don’t think I left enough bum room in hers, but gahhhh, HATE fabric that frays :((

And finally, I have decided that these days, I don’t wear enough of my clothes.  So this week, I am trying to wear a different top each day (not that I don’t usually change..but different from the norm ;))  Today is a starry number given to me by my niece after she lost a load of weight.  I often worry it’s a bit garish, but I like it all the same 😉


3 thoughts on “The typhoon that never came…

  1. Thanks, I’ve started to think so too. Weird, because I always used to wear bright stuff, but maybe it’s an influence of living in Japan? Not wanting to stand out? Well that’s over, ha ha, bring on the bright!

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