Ok, yeah, I can’t believe that I failed on the second day..but it is only 8:30a.m., so I have decided that I’ll try and get two posts in today to make up for it.

Yesterday morning, not wanting to have another day inside the house with crazy kiddies, despite the rain, we set off for Maebashi.  I’d seen some lovely Indonesian throws on sale that I was thinking of buying for cutting up and using the fabric.  However, lots of them are centred, so I ended up just buying two lovely ones, one of which H chose for her bedroom.  Then I saw they also had some nice skirts.  I wasn’t sure of the styles, but the material was lovely, and only 1000 yen a piece.  So I picked out one skirt with the same view as the throws.

After giving the children mini doughnuts for the first time ever, I now truly believe that artificial colourings = naughty children.  At least my two.  They weren’t just bouncing off the walls, they were biting them.

I tried on the skirt.  It has a fixed waistband, but no fastening..very very weird.  I couldn’t get it past my hips, but I knew my waist could handle it, so I pulled the thing on over my head.  Getting it over my chest was interesting too…so finally it was on, and it’s kind of full, but nice all the same.  Right, time to take it off, I thought.  I think in the back of my mind, I knew what was going to happen. 

It was stuck.

Really stuck.

I wiggled it on my hips, but you know, bones are bones..

Then I kneeled down on the rug and asked H to pull it as hard as she could over my head.  But then I got claustrophobic and had to stop it.  However much I wiggled and pulled it was totally stuck.  So I had to get my seam ripper out and split the side seam 😦  On the plus side though, I made a nice little space for a zip 😉


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